How to grow up greens in the greenhouse

How to grow up greens in the greenhouse

Any kitchen garden and giving do not do without greens. But not all beginning summer residents know how it is correct to grow up it. To indulge itself with greens in November, saplings need to be prepared till the cold weather.


1. Parsley. Land in soil only healthy root crops of parsley, about 2-4 cm thick, with the left scapes, about 6-8 cm. Give in to diseases less: "root sugar", "fruitful sugar" - greens grades, they carry out large increase of leaves. Put them closely to each other or row-spacings from 8 to 10 cm. Before landing do not shorten root crops. Make in soil across rack, furrow about 10-12 cm in depth, well water. Put in them root crops at distance of 6-8 cm and powder from above with a few earth. If you grow up greens in boxes, then reduce distance between ranks. It is necessary to store them in the cool dark place, the covered sawdust or sand at temperature of +2 degrees. After have landed, powder a few soil with sand or wood ashes at the rate of 100-200 g on 1 sq.m. Water only when soil dries up and only at the roots that water has not got on plants. It is possible to reap crop in 30-35 days.

2. Celery. To grow up celery, take healthy small root crops, weighing about 60-100 g. Method of storage same, as well as at parsley. Put it not deeply, in in advance watered grooves. Water plant each 8-9 days, without getting water on leaves. Excess moisture will lead to diseases and death of plant. If leaves have turned yellow, feed them with ammonium nitrate of 30 g on 10 l of water. Assembly of harvest in 30-35 days.

3. Onions. Grow up greens of onions both in the greenhouse, and in boxes and on racks. For disembarkation take bulbs with a diameter of 3.5-4 cm of multirudimentary grades. Before landing cut off upper part of bulbs, through 1 cm from each other, deepening to the soil. Then it is abundant water with warm water. In process of growth, increase amount of irrigation water. Greens of onions are ready to assembly for 22-25 day after landing, productivity of 8-10 kg on 1 sq.m. At the beginning of germination it is fed with ammonium nitrate, from the same calculation and potash salt of 20 g on 10 l of water.

4. Sorrel. Grow up sorrel at temperature of 16 degrees, at normal lighting and the damp soil. The crop is reaped for 20-25 day after disembarkation, by 2-3 kg on 1 sq.m. For receiving the following harvest, make feed of plant, strewing between ranks dry sulfate ammonium, 30 g on 1 sq.m. After that it is abundant water. New leaves will grow in 12-14 days, after fertilizer. It is so possible to do 5 times.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team