How to grow up healthy roses in garden

How to grow up healthy roses in garden

At huge variety of modern grades of various flower cultures all the same steadily the palm belongs to rose. Many dream to grow up ""the queen of flowers"" at themselves in garden, but, having had heard plenty of opinions that she is difficult in leaving, are afraid to make step towads to dream - to buy the first pink bush. I assure you as the person with wide experience of cultivation of various grades of roses - it is not as difficult as you imagine! Follow advice, and every morning in your garden will begin with meeting with gentle and fragrant buds of flowers.

It is required to you

  • Rose sapling (with opening root system or in container);
  • Shovel;
  • Secateurs;
  • Soil for landing (purchased ""For roses"" or just good fertile soil from the site) 10 liters;
  • Water 2 buckets;
  • Medicine for strengthening of korneobrazovaniye Kornevin 1 bag of 10 g;
  • Medicine for processing against diseases Oksikh package of 20 g;


1. Choose rose sapling in the garden center. It is desirable to choose for the beginner resistant to diseases and simple grade in scrap. I will list some grades which have well proved in any conditions and having high decorative qualities during the whole season (i.e. blossoming almost all summer to frosts)." "'Gloria Dei' (Gloria Dei), the second name of grade of ""Peace"" (Pis) - grade known around the world with large, very beautiful form and coloring flowers (it on photo). ""Rosarium Uetersen"" (the Rosery Yuterzen) - very popular grade. It is resistant to diseases, blossoms very long, in peak of blossoming it is literally poured in magnificent pink colors in huge brushes. ""Westerland"" (Vesterland) - beautiful and unpretentious rose with bright orange-yellow colors. ""Double Delight"" (Delight's Double) - rose not only is very beautiful (white-pink lobes are collected in large flowers), but also perfectly smells! ""New Dawn"" (New Daun) - very beautiful silvery-pink flowers cover this unpretentious rose all summer. New Daun maintains even shadowing and can grow on not the really nutritious soil. ""Graham Thomas"" (Graham Thomas) - one of popular yellow grades of roses, pleasantly smells and is quite resistant to diseases. Upon purchase pay attention to that escapes were live and green. Landing time of roses saplings with opening root system - spring and fall (to the middle of October), container roses it is possible to land since April - till October.

2. Choose the place for landing of rose. It has to be lit with the sun all day (i.e. on rose the shadow from buildings or large trees should not get). Besides, in this place the rain or melt water should not stand. If crude and such place it is difficult to find all site, arrange for rose the raised ridge (make earth embankment 30 cm high and with a diameter of 50-60 cm and in the center of this height arrange landing hole).

3. Prepare solution for processing of sapling from causative agents of diseases which can lead further to the fact that the rose will get sick and will die. Part the Oksikhom package (20 g) in 10 l of water, dip into it sapling together with roots for 5 min. At the roses bought in container pour (spray) branches.

4. Dig out landing hole of 40*40*40 cm in size, on bottom hillock fill nutritious soil 30 cm high. On hillock, having straightened roots, put sapling and gradually powder with the earth, at the same time condensing with hand soil that it densely nestled close to roots. You watch that the place of inoculation (small hillock between roots and stipitate) was at the level of the soil or is slightly deeper (no more, than is 1 - 2 cm lower than soil level). Over time the place of inoculation ""will tighten"" on 3-5 cm deep into that and is necessary for us for normal health of bush. Make the roller of the soil around bush that watering water all has left to roots. Add 1 package (10 g) of kornevin to bucket of water, stir and spill the place of landing in stages (on 1/3 buckets for one approach).

5. Hill the planted bush (fill up from above) dry soil so that around it the hillock in 20 cm was formed. It becomes with the purpose to save escapes from drying as roots cannot provide rose with moisture yet. If your bush high and over hillock branches tower, attract them, having enveloped newspaper sheets or ukryvny material like lutrasit (or fabric you can fasten the ends of newspapers with office brackets). This reception will also protect bush from drying and overheating. As soon as you see that new escapes have appeared (approximately in 10-14 days), shading can be removed. However it is desirable to do it in cloudy weather or in the evening that young leaves have not burned. In the spring to razokuchta (rake) hillock around rose after emergence of escapes. Autumn landings of roses have to leave at winter hilled.

6. After landing do not forget to water the planted rose during the summer 1-2 times a week in hot weather less often in rainy on water bucket under bush. In June and July spray bush with solution of any liquid fertilizer with microelements, it is desirable to add medicines for prevention of diseases to the same solution - ""Is fast"", Oksikh. In the presence of plant louse process rose any medicine for fight against this wrecker, do not allow plant louse to weaken plant. In October fill under rose bucket of good compost or rerotting (not fresh!) manure so that this substrate did not concern stalks). At the end of November - the beginning of December (when steady frosts begin), cut off escapes, having left above the ground 40 cm. Hill bush dry soil (better peat) on 20 cm and expose cardboard or wooden box of such size that the top cuts of branches did not concern it over bush. In box from two parties make openings for ventilation (enough 6 openings on 2 cm). Cover cardboard box from above with polyethylene as cover, having fixed it by adhesive tape that the box not razmok and has not settled from rain and melt waters. To box ""tent"" from ukryvny material can be considered as alternative option (agrospan No. 60) (on photo). However it in upper part needs also to be protected from moisture polyethylene. In the spring, in April, remove box and at once attract the wintered rose newspaper sheets. As soon as escapes start in growth, the newspaper remove also to razokuchta bush. Bring fertilizing in the form of full fertilizer and microelements. At observance of these conditions, you will always have magnificent healthy pink bushes!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team