How to grow up healthy seedling of petunia

How to grow up healthy seedling of petunia

How to grow up healthy seedling of petunias? The quality of seedling in many respects determines its further growth and blossoming. At the correct approach to cultivation of saplings this plant will please gardeners with magnificent curtains throughout long time.

Many gardeners choose petunias as these flowers strike with abundance of paints and lasting blossomings for the beds. Plants are very unpretentious and are not exacting in leaving. However not everyone manages to grow up good seedling of petunias. Difficulties can begin already with the first steps: only couple of seeds sprout or shoots are absent at all.

How to choose and buy petunia seeds

The range of petunias in shops is very various and big. When choosing grade it is necessary to consider the following features:

- It is more preferable to choose specific grade, than their mix as mixes from seeds of petunias seldom yield desirable result.

- Sectional grades are suitable for jumping in soil, and for containers and suspended baskets it is necessary to choose ampelous species of petunias.

- It is better to buy flowers seeds in reliable gardening shops and from the checked producers.

- It is the most convenient to plant pellety seeds because sunflower seeds without cover very small, them it is difficult to distribute evenly on the surface of the soil.

As it is correct to sow petunias on seedling

To grow up good seedling of petunia, it is sowed on the surface of soil, without powdering on top with the earth. By means of some sharp object it is necessary to pick up seed and to transfer it to seedling container.

For crops of petunias it is convenient to use containers with covers for greenhouse effect. Such container allows to carry out easily airing and passes enough light. It is good to plant pellety seeds which usually stack 8-10 pieces in bags in containers from eggs. The separate seat turns out for each plant.

After landing of seeds it is necessary to sprinkle soil water and to close dense cover or polyethylene. Petunia should air and monitor condensate accumulation periodically. Watering is made in process of soil drying.

Within two weeks the first shoots of flowers appear. If for this period the shoots have not had an effect, then to grow up petunia seedling will not leave any more - seeds are hardly suitable for cultivation.

Sword-play of petunias

It is necessary to approach sword-play of seedling of petunia very responsibly and to be extremely accurate. Slightly grown up seedlings need to be passed carefully in individual small tanks. For this purpose perfectly plastic cups, small pots will approach. The seedling is hooked oblong subject, taken out with small lump of the earth and dive in separate container. Previously in tanks make openings for draining of excess water and also stack pebbles or haydite for good drainage. In week after change of plant begin to feed up, it is desirable to do it time in 10-14 days. Water petunias at the roots, without mentioning sapling top.

As at plant quite big branched root system for which the sufficient extensive volume of soil is necessary for cultivation of good seedling of petunia is better to dive it at first in small tanks. In month it is necessary to replace more in container. Plants quite easily transfer change and quickly take root in new soil.

Care for petunia seedling

Behind seedling of petunias the appropriate care and thorough supervision is necessary. At insufficient watering the drought can ruin saplings, and the excessive amount of water leads to disease, emergence of so-called "black leg" or rotting of roots of seedling.

The petunia is very photophilous flower. Therefore at crops of seedling it is necessary to take care of that seeds received enough light for good development and earlier blossoming. For additional lighting the gardeners usually use LED or luminescent lamps.

Optimum development of saplings demands the correct temperature condition. Before emergence of the first shoots the petunias need heat in 25 degrees. Seedlings already need regular airing and gradual increase in stay in the open air. Sharp temperature drops can ruin seedling.

To grow up healthy seedling of petunia, its regular podkarmlivaniye is necessary. It is possible to fertilize saplings any flower fertilizer. When the plant was completely created and begins to be put on blossoming, it is necessary to reduce the number of nitric fertilizing and to increase potash. At the same time saplings stop gathering green material, and on them many buds appear.

That the plant looked accurate and compact, gardeners prishchipyvat the growing escapes. But it is necessary to remember that it belongs to simple bush petunias, ampelous all the same will not give many side escapes.

If to take the correct care of saplings, then to the middle of May the grown-up healthy seedling of petunia is ready to resettlement to the open ground. At suitable weather patterns it can be replaced to beds, in cachepot or balcony flower boxes.

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