How to grow up healthy tubers of potatoes

How to grow up healthy tubers of potatoes

Landing of potatoes seems easier, than collecting. But that the harvest was good, it is necessary to work also in the spring, but not just to dig potatoes tubers in holes. If the grade is not updated, gradually becomes shallow and is infected with numerous diseases.


1. Seed material is more expensive than food potatoes, but at appropriate care behind culture the expenses pay off.

2. Since fall to select tubers, healthy and typical for grade, to wash out in water and then in pink solution of potassium permanganate. To dry 10 days in the sun, to stir. To store the planted trees and shrubs potatoes for future landing in the cool place or in dry sand.

3. To clean the site from potato tops of vegetable and weeds, to scatter manure on all area and it is superficial (approximately on 15 cm) to plow up the earth. For improvement of the soil after the end of cleaning grow up mustard.

4. If on the site there is wireworm, then without chemical treatment it is possible to get rid of it easily and cheap: in the spring we fill the earth with unslaked lime, we dig over.

5. A month before landing we transfer potatoes to heat that kidneys have woken up. Germinated tubers need also to be poured lime. It is not harmful to sprouts and potatoes well sprout.

6. To place tubers superficially, in well warmed up earth layer. To hill the first shoots completely "with the head". This reception helps to destroy weeds of the first wave, extends underground part of stalk, protects escapes from damage by returnable frosts. The sprouts hidden under the soil escape from raid of different wreckers, and the eggs laid by them perish.

7. The second earthing up is carried out with height of plant of 25 cm. At the same time, rowing up the soil from below-up, to create high crest. Thus, besides that weeds are destroyed, losses of moisture in dry weather also decrease. And in rainy, on the contrary, takes away excess water from plants.

8. At wide-row technology the bushes do not shade each other, landing is well aired therefore potatoes are surprised phytophthora and other diseases less, and the productivity grows. Tubers grow large, healthy, are well stored and among them there are no become green. Also such technology allows to grow up potatoes stretch on the same site.

9. If you have found well sprouted weed in the slot, then it should not be torn out with root but only to break off weed top, differently the root system of potatoes will be broken.

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