How to grow up house green onions

How to grow up house green onions

In cold season our organism especially needs vitamins and minerals. Therefore it is possible to arrange small bed with green onions at himself on windowsill. Undoubtedly, in each shop it is possible to buy greens, but it is not so useful as grown up by the hands without foreign fertilizers and impurity. Except everything, the green onions which grow at your place will help to prevent spread of catarrhal infections in the apartment. It is unpretentious in cultivation and contains huge amount of vitamin C which our organism so needs.

It is required to you

  • 1) Bulbs, capacity for cultivation of onions, plywood or piece of cardboard, the earth.


1. The first way of cultivation of green onions in house conditions is quite simple. Prepare bulbs. If onions have not taken arrow and root yet, previously wet it for 12 hours in warm water which temperature has to be not less than 40 degrees. Remove sodden peel and cut off dry tail in upper part of onion. Pour water in capacity, from above place plywood or piece of cardboard. In piece of cardboard cut openings - slightly less than the size of bulbs. In the prepared openings put bulbs so that the tail hardly concerned water. Thanks to such arrangement, onions will not decay. It is desirable to change water in capacity every morning and evening until bulbs do not give backs. And after onions will fire arrow, it is necessary to change water once a day. If to add mineral water to the container with water, then onions will grow twice quicker.

2. There is other way of cultivation of onions on windowsill. For this purpose we will need box and the earth. The earth needs to be prepared since fall, but it is the simplest to buy soil in any flower shop. Cover box with earth approximately on 2/3 and carefully water. In advance wet bulbs in warm water and cut off top. It is necessary to plant bulbs from each other at distance 1 centimeter. From above powder with the remained earth and water with warm water which temperature has to be 40-45 degrees. Put box to the dark warm place approximately for week until onions do not start up arrow. After that move box on windowsill.

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