How to grow up house plants

How to grow up house plants

Cultivation of houseplants - the fascinating occupation bringing lot of positive emotions to the one who is engaged in it. Besides that window plants decorate any interior, many plants have useful properties. So, for example, aloes apply at treatment of catarrhal diseases, and chlorophytums and dieffenbachias purify air from harmful impurity. Before being engaged in cultivation of houseplants, it is necessary to study features of their cultivation.

It is required to you

  • - planting stock;
  • - pot;
  • - drainage;
  • - soil mix.


1. Choose plants which you are going to grow up in the apartment. At the same time it should be taken into account that it is better for the beginning plant breeder to choose the plants which are not demanding for cultivation of especially difficult agrotechnical receptions. For example, azaleas and cyclamens which need special conditions during dormant period can be too difficult for beginners. At the same time many ivies, tradescantias and chlorophytums are not too exacting to conditions of keeping.

2. Many houseplants not bad breed shanks. Having implanted shank, it is possible to grow up geranium, koleusa, ivies, ficuses, tradescantias. Some succulents perfectly breed sheet shanks, and chlorophytums can be grown up from side shoots. It is the best of all to Cherenkovat plants in the spring. For this purpose cut off from plant which it is possible to multiply cherenkovaniye, young escape five-seven centimeters long.

3. It is possible to implant shanks in water or damp substrate. For rooting of shanks in water choose opaque capacity. Pour into it otstoyanny water of room temperature and place shanks in water so that the leaves which have remained on escapes did not concern water. It is sometimes recommended to add tablet of activated carbon to water.

4. In the course of rooting it is not always obligatory to change water, but it is worth watching its state. If water has dimmed, it is better to replace it. It is necessary to watch also condition of the implanted escapes. If they have begun to begin to rot, cut off the damaged part of shank and process it weak solution of potassium permanganate. The container in which the shank took roots should be washed up.

5. The implanted shanks can be landed in soil mix. Types of mixes for different houseplants differ therefore before mixing soil or to buy ready mix in shop, it is necessary to find out what soil is suitable for your plant.

6. For cultivation of plants in house conditions it is the best of all to use clay pots. On bottom of pot fill layer of drainage material. It can be ceramic drainage, haydite, coarse sand or polyfoam with hydrogel addition. On layer of drainage fill damp soil mix, place in it the implanted shank, powder roots with the earth and carefully condense soil.

7. Put plant in the lit place. Most often houseplants need good illumination, protection against bright beams of the sun and drafts. If you want to put pot with magnificent flower on coffee table in the middle of the room, but are not sure that the plant will have enough light, get the fluorescent lamp for additional illumination.

8. Many houseplants should be watered in process of drying of the earth. It is the best of all to settle water for watering within a day. It is necessary to water window plants slightly less in the winter, than in the summer.

9. In order that plants did not suffer from dryness of air, they should be sprayed with otstoyanny water. From time to time wipe leaves of large plants with wet towel wipes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team