How to grow up house salad

How to grow up house salad

There is great variety of grades of salad. no wonder, it is unpretentious, ideal in cultivation, is useful and magnificent on each table. But there are about 5-7 most optimum and best-selling grades.


1. Study features of some grades of salad, so it will be simpler to you to be guided on what of them you stop the choice. Cabbage lettuce is considered the most fruitful, it brings 3.5 kg from one square meter. This salad about 60-80 days grows, but during heat can not tie heads of cabbage. Radichchio - madly beautiful salad, its leaves get color from gentle-pink till darkly burgundy color, at the same time its streaks remain white. Korn - loves solar places of landing, is unpretentious in cultivation. This grade ascends in the early spring. Arugula - at it is magnificent spicy aroma and sharp taste. The name can will cause a stir from the original, can be also called: salad eruka, to inda, eruka forest, arugula, rockets – salad. Lollo-Rossa – early ripening grade, unusually decorative and madly tasty salad. Leaves of light green color with wide pinkish, curly and wrinkled edges. Mass of one plant 80-100 gr.

2. Independently prepare soil for landing of salad. It has to be the most uniform, without lumps as salad seeds very small therefore in the lumpy earth simply will not ascend. Ideal mineral fertilizer for salad - hybrid of sulfate ammonium (20-30), superphosphate (35-40), potash salt (10-15).

3. Sow salad in the step way: early ripening grades - from April to May, average and late-ripening - since April to the middle of June. Sow sheet salad across beds, ordinary way (distance between ranks of 15-17 cm, between seeds of 1-1.5 cm). Depth of crops of 1-1.5 cm, sow the one-line ranks located through 35-40 cm from each other. On plain surface sow multiline tapes or in the continuous way. Distance between lines of 5-8 cm, between plants - 3-5 cm, between tapes - 70-80 cm. If you want to accelerate process of cultivation of salad, then cover boxes (pots) with food wrap.

4. In the spring shoots of sheet salad appear approximately in 10-12 days, in the summer - for 4-5 days earlier. Week later after that you prorykhlit the soil, and in week replace plants, leaving between them distance of 5-7 cm. Salad is very exacting to air humidity and soils. Originally water it quite often (in 1-2 days) from watering can with strainer. In the period of the strengthened growth of leaves reduce the number of waterings to two times a week.

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