How to grow up house tomatoes

How to grow up house tomatoes

Not everyone can brag of availability of own seasonal dacha. However the windowsill of the normal city apartment on which it is possible to grow up set of vegetable cultures, one of which are tomatoes, can become excellent alternative to the real kitchen garden.

  • - plastic cups; - soil; - seeds of dwarfish or undersized grades of tomatoes; - polyethylene; - additional lighting (agro-lamp, fluorescent lamp); - pear for moistening of the soil; - pots of 3-5; - mineral or organic fertilizers; - haydite; - sand; - peat; - wooden pegs

1. To grow up tomatoes of the house prepare normal plastic cups and fill them with soil. Disinfect the soil, having filled in with its boiled water. And after it will cool down, plant seeds in soil, having deepened them on couple of centimeters. Place 2-3 seeds in one glass. Remove weak sprouts after shoots.

2. Cover glasses with the seeds planted in them with polyethylene and place them in the warm place in which air temperature fluctuates from 25 to 30 °C. Having waited for emergence of shoots transfer glasses with the tomatoes planted at home to windowsill.

3. Start watering only after drying of top soil. It will reduce the probability of developing of fungal diseases. Water the grown-up houses tomatoes by means of pear, sticking it between wall of glass and soil. Using such method of watering, you do not pereuvlazhnit top soil and exclude the probability of its washing out.

4. In month after seedling enough gets stronger, safely start its replacing in big tanks. Pots of 3-5 best of all are suitable for cultivation of undersized grades house tomato. On bottom of capacity place haydite, fill up it with layer of sand 2 cm high, in the middle of pot establish plant and sprinkle it with the earth to cotyledonous leaflets. To grow up house tomatoes, use the soil including the sand, peat, humus and the cespitose earth taken in equal proportions.

5. Regularly you make pasynkovaniye of the tomatoes which are grown up houses. This process consists the leaves of escapes developing in bosoms at a distance. And it is necessary to move away them hands, without use of knife or any other sharp tools. In due time getting rid of the stepsons who are taking away nutrients from plant, you considerably will increase productivity.

6. To grow up tomatoes of the house and to receive rich harvest, accurately water them 3-4 times a week with warm water, avoiding washing out of the soil under bush. Time in 2 weeks feed up plants organic (manure, ashes) or mineral fertilizers. And in process of growth of stalks surely tie up them to the established vertically wooden pegs.

7. After forming of the main part of fruits remove plant top together with the blossoming brushes. Thus you will provide to the tomatoes which are grown up in house conditions full development.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team