How to grow up houseplants

How to grow up houseplants

Cultivation of houseplants – business difficult, but pleasant. Beautiful, unusual and healthy houseplants will not only please you, but also the people surrounding you. Basic needs of any plant – water, light, the soil and air. Award your plants with care, love, attention, and they will award you with the magnificent blossoming, active growth and the beauty.


1. Tsimbidium – family orchideous. The homeland of this plant are tropics of Australia and Asia. The coloring of tsimbidium is very various – white, yellow, pink, green, red and brown buds. For cultivation of plant of this type in house conditions, it is necessary to take care of well aired room, light and cool. It is also necessary to consider that temperature of the room has to be not lower than 10-15 degrees. During blossoming of plant follows it is abundant to water. Fertilizers bring once a month, special (for plants of family of orchideous).

2. Date palm tree – family palm. The homeland of this species of plant is North Africa, Southwest Asia, the Canary Islands. This very attractive plant. As favorable conditions serves dry air, strong heat and lack of precipitation. In house conditions it is recommended to place in the spacious, solar and light place, protected from drafts. Watering has to be moderate, but to constants. It is necessary to wipe leaves 1-2 times a week with damp rag.

3. Echinocactus – family cactaceous. The homeland of this plant is the Central Mexico. In the homeland echinocactus reaches 2-3 m of height. They blossom extremely seldom. In house conditions the echinocactus has on windowsills, on sunny side. During the summer period these plants demand regular watering and spraying by water. It is enough to water 1 time in 2 weeks in the winter.

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