How to grow up juniper from seeds

How to grow up juniper from seeds

Medicinal properties of juniper use already long ago - apply it at skin diseases, at asthma, tuberculosis and various diseases of nervous system. It is possible to grow up it by means of shanks and seeds.

It is required to you

  • - juniper seeds;
  • - fertile soil.


1. Shanks to multiply juniper is simpler and faster, decorative grades quite so and grow up, but it is possible to grow up ordinary species of this coniferous plant also from seeds. The juniper is pollinated by wind, and full-fledged seeds with good viability grows ripe a little. Collect seeds for the second year of life of plant when berries only begin to darken. There is it usually in September. After berries darken finally, seeds will go to hibernation and will not ascend quickly.

2. Find the suitable site where you plant juniper. The soil has to be fertile and friable. Make in it furrows of two centimeters in depth, condense their bottom. Sow seeds in these furrows and close humus. Mulch all this bed peat or sawdust layer in one centimeter. Such procedures will not allow seeds to dry and will help them to ascend at the time of germination.

3. It is possible to plant previously juniper seeds in boxes with prime quality land. Submit boxes for storage on open air under snow in the winter. There seeds have to stay about 130 days. Plant the seeds which have wintered thus on the site intended to them in the spring. Wait for shoots only the next year.

4. Look after crops of juniper the same as you look after other seedlings. Weed weeds hands, you loosen the earth on bed and water it so that the soil with crops was slightly crude. 3-4 years, before landing to the constant place, seedlings of juniper have to sit on one place. Every fall mulch the earth with sprouts humus that its layer was four centimeters thick.

5. The juniper fructifies in 5-10 years of life. Pick berries by means of the piece of fabric outspread under plant bush. Just stir up juniper and berries will fall. Dry up harvest in shadow and use at preparation of kvass, beer, fruit liqueur, syrup and other dishes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team