How to grow up kiwi

How to grow up kiwi

This tasty tropical fruit has good tastes. Very few people know that the kiwi can be grown up at home or in garden. Naturally perhaps it under certain conditions.


1. Cultivation options two: from sunflower seed of fruit of the kiwi bought in shop or from the shanks bought in nursery. The first way will allow you to receive plant, but here from it you will hardly wait for fruits. It is connected with the fact that the kiwi is tropical liana which breeds dvudomno. That is it has men's and female plants. It is very difficult to distinguish liana floor in the flowers. Here skilled botanists need to be. But can happen that you will be lucky, and heterosexual plants will grow from those seeds which will ascend. It is better to buy of course shanks of the cultural plants which are grown up in the conditions of your climate. They will blossom and bring with guarantee harvest.

2. Let's begin with seeds. Choose the ripest, tasty fruits of kiwi in shop. They have to be equal, soft, without defects, in a word, the best representatives of the grade. Take seeds, and eat pulp that did not vanish. Now they need to be washed out and dried up, having laid out on layer of toilet paper. Then prepare the sterilized sand (it unlike the soil can be boiled), mix with seeds and put in the fridge in zone of the cooled meat for few weeks that seeds were stratified.

3. After two weeks, seeds with sand need to be spilled pink solution of potassium permanganate and to mix with sterile soil. The sterility will allow to avoid defeat of young shoots mold fungi. You can take soil ready, intended for tropical lianas (passionflower) and to take on water bath within 2 hours. Then take container with openings in day, put small 4-5 cm layer of the earth and seed kiwi seeds. Powder them with the earth and put on window to the warm place.

4. Kiwi seeds quickly and very amicably ascend. Now not to allow the earth to dry up the main thing. Humidify seeds through pallet.

5. When plants reach 10-12 cm will come it is time to replace them in separate tanks, otherwise they will brake in development. As roots at kiwi are located in top layer of the earth, it is better to choose wide superficial pots. You take out them on balcony in the summer, and it is better, take away to the dacha, let them gain strength. These fruit lianas not really love bright sun therefore put them in half-shade.

6. If in your geographical area warm climate, then lianas it is possible to land to the open ground. At saplings of kiwi form trunk and krone, as at grapes. At first leave stipitate 60 cm long, and from it form krone of 4-5 skeletal branches on which the fresh young growth will constantly grow. She should be moved away during the whole season of vegetation. Kiwis very much love watering and spraying. They are not ill what therefore and it is not necessary to spray with various solutions them. Nevertheless, they are exacting to fertilizers. During the season 1 adult plant "eats" 100-120 kg of the rerotting manure. But also it will please you with tasty fruits. Do not forget that two-blast furnace kiwi therefore put one men's on 5-6 female plants. If at you many men's plants have grown, then it is possible to impart on them kidneys from women's, they will go to growth and will begin to fructify.

7. Whatever way you have chosen, any experience will be useful to you. Who knows, maybe, having begun with kiwi, you will part at home or at the dacha the real tropical garden?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team