How to grow up kobeyu

How to grow up kobeyu

Kobey climbing is extraordinary effective decorative liana. It is appreciated the beautiful large hand bells of different colourings and ability to decorate vertical walls. If you need to close unattractive wall of the shed or house, to arrange beautiful screen or to twist gazebo, then kobeya will perfectly cope with these tasks. How it is correct to grow up this liana?

It is required to you

  • - kobea seeds;
  • - pots for seedling;
  • - support for seedling (twigs);
  • - garden tool.


1. Buy kobea seeds. Take better two bags of the pleasant grade since seeds of this liana sprout badly. Surely upon purchase check effective life of seeds.

2. Prepare seeds for crops. Because at seeds dense cover, before disembarkation it is desirable to wet them. Spread out seeds to the gauze moistened with weak solution of potassium permanganate. Wrap saucer in plastic bag, for prevention of losses of moisture. Maintain germination temperature not below 20 °C. Periodically examine seeds and if on them the mold or slime appear, well wash out them. In two weeks the seeds will turn up.

3. Plant the sprouted seeds in pots with the easy friable soil. Accurately, not to break off boring, lay out seeds the flat party down and powder with the earth. Depth of seal has to be 1-1.5 cm.

4. Raspikiruyte seedling when plants have about two real leaflets. Copy put everyone in separate pot, and thrust twig on which the liana will curl. Water young kobe moderately. You watch that plants did not braid the next pots.

5. Prepare the place for landing of liana. Choose well lit place with friable fertile soil. It is good if kobeya it is protected from wind by fence or wall. Carefully dig over the soil and choose roots of weeds. Dig out for landing of hole at distance not less than 50 cm from each other.

6. Prepare plants for landing in soil. As soon as the threat of frosts passes, begin to accustom seedling to conditions of the open ground. Do not expose pots with young plants in the sun. It can cause burns of leaves. Plant the tempered seedling on the constant place and well water.

7. During the season give to plants 1-2 fertilizing by organic fertilizers. It promotes good increase of vegetative weight. Fix as required liana stalks on support, direct them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team