How to grow up kohlrabi

How to grow up kohlrabi

Kohlrabi – kind of cabbage at which it is eaten stebleplod. For cultivation of kohlrabi well drained soil with neutral pH, rich with nutrients is necessary.

It is required to you

  • Earth, lime, fertilizers, shovel, watering can, seeds.


1. Couch seeds of kohlrabi and plant them in boxes for seedling. When there is the second present sheet – thin out. Thickened landings lead to the fact that seedling turns out not durable, weak, subject to diseases and lagging behind in growth.

2. Pave the way on personal plot. The kohlrabi grows on the loams rich with nutrients better. It is good if you since fall bring fresh manure at the rate of 5-6 kg on sq.m. of the earth and you will dig over on shovel pin depth. As well as all species of cruciferae family, the kohlrabi badly grows on sour soils. If rn your site points out acidity, carry out in the fall lime application of bed, having brought 20-30 g of lime on each sq.m. In that case organic fertilizers should be used in the spring, that is under landing. It can be the earth from compost heap or the manure rerotting during the winter.

3. Transplant kohlrabi on the constant place in the evening when the direct sun leaves. It is ideal if between plants there are 30-40 cm, this area is considered optimum. Surely water seedling and cover for several days with film. The humid environment remaining under covering promotes the best rooting of saplings.

4. Introduce nitrogenous fertilizers approximately in 2-3 weeks after disembarkation. It is possible to take, for example, 3-5 g of urea on each liter of water and to feed up cabbage such solution, spending about a liter for each plant. In phase of forming of stebleplod of kohlrabi praises on introduction of potash and magnesian fertilizers.

5. Feed up dung water. It is better to do it not later than 2 weeks before removal of harvest. In 10 l. waters part 5 kg of fresh manure, leave for several days to wander in the sun. Take on fertilizer liter on 7-8 l. waters also feed up kohlrabi at the rate of 0.5-1 l. on each stebleplod.

6. Reap the harvest selectively when cabbage reaches the size of large apple. If desired it can be used in Russian cabbage soup, borsches and other soups and also to extinguish as garnish to meat and fish dishes. But the fresh kohlrabi is the most tasty. To taste and texture it reminds cabbage cabbage stump.

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