How to grow up kokhiya

How to grow up kokhiya

Kokhiya - annual plant which still it is accepted to call in the people summer cypress. Kokhiya quickly enough grows, has set of branches and reaches up to 150 cm in height. This plant attracts many, it eternally green, and by the form reminds harmonious and beautiful cypress. At all this the kokhiya till fall gets new color - karminno-red that does bush even more beautiful and unusual.


1. Kokhiya is often used for decoration of sites where it is possible to make low fence of plant or even to create small figures by means of unusual hairstyle of branches. Beauty of plant seldom leaves indifferent, many wish to have such plant near the house or on the seasonal dacha, however not all know how to grow up kokhiya.

2. Initially those who has decided to get this plant should know that the kokhiya does not love frosts and shadow, she prefers light solar places, however grows also in half-shade not less well. The kokhiya can grow in any soils, however most well the plant feels on fertile not sour soils. The plant is capable to transfer well short drought and does not demand daily watering.

3. Often the kokhiya is landed seeds, placing them directly in soil, but it is not the best way to grow up plant. Best of all from seeds to couch seedling and then already to begin change to the right place.

4. For this purpose prepare seedling boxes. Prepare prime quality land.

5. In March scatter the acquired seeds on all earth surface. Powder seeds with the earth.

6. Put to the light solar place far away from batteries, radiators and other heating appliances. Daily spray with water.

7. After your seeds ascend, the second stage – planting of plant in soil begins. It is necessary to plant plant, having chosen for it the most suitable conditions, that is in places where less shadow. In the first two weeks for kokhiya it is necessary to make props that the plant beautifully and gracefully grew up.

8. It is not recommended to replace kokhiya, however you remember that the next year it will be capable to breed self-sowing. For this purpose just leave several bushes to winter in your garden, and in the spring you will notice new bright green shoots on proximity of the left plants.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team