How to grow up large garden wild strawberry

How to grow up large garden wild strawberry

When people see the frozen garden wild strawberry in supermarkets, quite often are surprised to its sizes: berries, as a rule, incredibly large. Perhaps, they are grown up with use of growth factors. But and in the collective-farm markets in June-July it is possible to see the same large berries received by amateur gardeners on sale. Means, it is possible to grow up large garden wild strawberry in the conditions of midland of Russia? The answer is unambiguous – yes, it is only necessary to know some secrets and to make certain efforts.

It is required to you

  • - dolomite powder;
  • - coarse bank sand.


1. Before wintering carry out easy fertilizing. On 1 sq.m of landings it is enough to bring 1 glass of dolomite powder. If has tightened beds weeds, weed them. Podsypte under earth wild strawberry bushes on height about 3 cm. The structure of the poured soil can be any, not necessarily nutritious.

2. Remove dry leaves in the early spring and remove that layer of the earth which you poured under plants in the fall. Thereby you reduce the number of the wreckers who have wintered on beds. Besides, under sunshine the root system will quicker get warm. Bring 1 glass of wood ashes on 1 sq.m of plantation. Prorykhlite of row-spacing on depth of 5-7 cm (directly under bushes the earth should not be dug over). You can strew both beds, and row-spacings with small layer of coarse bank sand, it will not allow to develop to such wreckers as slugs, snails, centipedes.

3. In process of emergence of young leaves old delete. You can remove them completely: it is less than old leaves – less wreckers and diseases.

4. Early spring – the best time for carrying out the first fertilizing. Part 1 tablespoon of urea in 10 l of water and water beds at the rate of 0.5 l on each bush of wild strawberry. Urea you can replace with liquid humate of sodium (also 1 tablespoon with water bucket).

5. Carry out the second fertilizing before blossoming. Part in 10 l of water 1 tablespoon of organic chemistry (for example, the Berry fertilizer) and 1 h potassium sulfate spoon. Carefully mix and water beds (under each plant of 0.5 l).

6. Ruthlessly remove the first flowers of wild strawberry. It is better if you not just prishchipnt peduncle, and you will cut off it sharp knife or secateurs at the basis. Leave the following flowers, but no more than 4-5 peduncles on one bush. Thus, the plant will not weaken, and fruits will be large. In process of maturing of berry break at once that they did not delay development of the others.

7. Delete mustache, they strongly weaken plants. Do not pull out mustache (you can injure both itself to rastenyitsa, and its roots), and cut off. Do not throw them immediately on bed – at the first rain they will start up backs. If you have decided to keep mustache for the purpose of further reproduction, leave no more than one escape on one bush. To the first socket (to the closest to bush) let's take roots, cut off the rest.

8. Do not fill in bed with water, water them in process of drying of the soil. Excessive moisture can wash away roots and also condense the earth that will block access of oxygen to roots.

9. When harvesting is finished, carry out the third fertilizing (no later than August 10-15). In 10 l of water part 1 tablespoon to nitrophoska, 1 h spoon of the organic Berry fertilizer and 1 tablespoon of wood ashes. Water wild strawberry at the rate of 1 liter on each bush. Thanks to the third fertilizing there is laying of flower kidneys of harvest of future season.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team