How to grow up large garlic

How to grow up large garlic

About curative and tastes of such ancient vegetable culture as garlic, everyone knows. It is used as seasoning during the pickling and pickles, in sausage production and also garlic was widely used as herb. No, probably, any kitchen garden without bed with this miracle plant. But many summer residents and gardeners face such problem as small teeth. As to grow up large garlic with rich juicy greens?


1. To grow up large heads of garlic, it is necessary to pay special attention to sowing material first of all. Segments of the ripened head have to separate rather easily from each other, the thin skin Zubkov at the same time has to be pinkish or violet (but not milky white), dense, collum dry. Do not land the planting stock damaged by decay or mold at all, it will spoil all harvest.

2. It is recommended to separate garlic heads into cloves just before landing. Previously warm up the largest teeth up to the temperature of 40 degrees or keep in solution of table salt within a day (three tablespoons of salt on ten liters of water). One-teeth are excellent planting stock, large garlic will grow further from them.

3. Allocate under garlic the site with fertile soil which has neutral reaction. The best predecessors – cucumbers, early cabbage or squash under which organic fertilizers were introduced. It is not recommended to plant garlic repeatedly on the same place earlier than in five years because of the general diseases and wreckers. Also it is necessary to avoid sites after cultivation of potatoes.

4. In the fall (from the middle of September and until the end of October), after cleaning of the previous cultures for landing of garlic introduce mineral and organic fertilizers (30 grams of superphosphate, 5-6 kilograms of compost or humus, 20 grams of chloride potassium on one square meter). Then dig over the site on the whole bayonet of shovel, evenly mixing the soil with fertilizers.

5. Having prepared the site, start disembarkation of cloves in the ordinary way, the distance between ranks has to make 20-25 centimeters. Depending on fineness Zubkov, land them at distance of 5-8 centimeters from each other. Landing depth – 3-4 centimeters. Then mulch the soil two centimetric layer of humus or peat.

6. In the spring and in the summer all care for garlic consists in watering in process of drying of the soil, in scarification and weedings and also fertilizing by nitrogen fertilizers. At the beginning of formation of arrows at once delete them, it will help you to grow up larger bulbs. Leave arrows only on seed plants.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team