How to grow up lawn

How to grow up lawn

Decorate free space on the seasonal dacha, having set it with the lawn grass consisting of mix of cereal herbs. The well-groomed lawn will please you for many years. At damage of certain sites the grass sods can be restored without effort, having interplanted new plants. The dense lawn protects the soil from washing away and holds in itself moisture. On fresh grass it is pleasant to go barefoot, to sunbathe or just to admire. Stay on the site the landscape designer.

It is required to you

  • - mix of seeds for lawn;
  • - trimmer or lawn-mower;
  • - lawn and normal rake;
  • - fertilizers.


1. Decide on the place which you are going to sow lawn grass. Depending on it you need to pick up mix of seeds. The lawn is sports and decorative. If you are not going to organize football competitions on the site, then to be necessary for you the decorative herbal blend which happens several types.

2. Sow the big equal space used for continuous circulation, fire and holding picnics with guests normal landscape gardening lawn. It is resistant to abrasion, gives dense cover, well transfers drought and tenevynosliv.

3. Decorate small allotments which are well visible from window or from verandah Mauritian or meadow lawn. At their structure there are various annual flowers (camomiles, cornflowers, poppies, forget-me-nots). At you both the lawn, and bed will turn out at once.

4. Pave the way under lawn. It has to be rather friable that water got deeply into the earth and did not stand on surface. Provide good drainage. At clay soils the site is powdered with sand and the chernozem to which plant seeds.

5. Consider the size of hillocks and dredging on the site. If necessary to podsypta of the soil or make even too steep slopes. The site has to be the most equal. At registration of the hill lawn grass the place is reinforced plastic grid or grid for strengthening of the soil.

6. Plant seeds in the spring when the surface of the soil gets warm up to 6 degrees. Before crops introduce nitrogen and phosphoric fertilizers. Scatter seeds on the site and level rake, mixing the soil, seeds and fertilizers. The second fertilizing by fertilizers is carried out in the fall.

7. Water your lawn grass. Do it early in the morning or in the evening when the sun already disappears. At sufficient moisture at plants deep strong roots will develop that promotes creation of long-term dense cover. At untimely watering the lawn will wither, will lose the beautiful exterior.

8. You loosen lawn. The first loosening is carried out in the spring, and the second – in the fall. For this procedure use soft lawn rake. Besides loosening you will remove fallen leaves and old grass from lawn.

9. Cut the site sowed by lawn grass. The first hairstyle is carried out when plants have nearly reached 10 cm. The grass is removed to third of length. The mowed grass can be removed rake, and it is possible to leave on the place. It will hold moisture and will serve as fertilizer for young growth. Mow lawn with the trimmer or the lawn-mower. Do it at least two times a month. Everything depends on growth of grass.

10. Puncture every year with pitchfork the turf at long-term lawn. It will improve air permeability of the soil.

11. Finish hairstyle of the decorative site in the fall when air temperature falls up to 10 degrees. Grass height under snow has to be not less than 10 cm. Otherwise the lawn can freeze.

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