How to grow up leek

How to grow up leek

Leek becomes more and more popular vegetable on our tables. These onions are used and in the raw, and type of salad, and as garnish or ingredient for soup. The leg and leaves of leek are dried and they can be stored in such look very long. Also leek has curative properties – it is used at rheumatism and gout. This plant helps and at metabolic disorder and obesity. It is easy to grow up leek on the site as it is very resistant to diseases and wreckers and is not exacting to the soil.


1. Leek has the long vegetative period therefore it is sowed in the seedling way at the beginning of March. In open ground seedling it is possible to land in May when the soil gets warm up to 15 °C.

2. The leek can be grown up also crops of seeds in soil. Then it needs to be sowed to the soil at the end of October. Subwinter crops need to be powdered with peat.

3. Seedling can be sowed in soil when they reach in height about 20 cm.

4. When landing at seedlings it is necessary to truncate roots and leaves. The distance between sprouts has to make about 15 cm, and between ranks – 30 cm.

5. The leek is landed in holes of 15 cm in depth, lower in it seedling and fill hole with water, at the same time it is important not to powder root with the earth.

6. The soil around plants needs periodically to be loosened and weeded carefully. Also leek loves abundant watering.

7. The first harvests of leek remove in August, and on winter storage remove at the beginning of October.

8. The leek is stored in the basement where it is trenched in in sand, at the same time leaves have to be cut off.

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