How to grow up lemon from house stone

How to grow up lemon from house stone

Adding fragrant circle of juicy lemon to tea, many for certain at least once asked question: "How to grow up lemon from house stone?". Some, despite the curiosity, hesitate to be engaged in cultivation of this exotic citrus plant. Others, having tried to make it once and having failed, forever dismiss this thought. Actually, it is simple to grow up house lemon. For this purpose it is necessary to stock up with patience and to follow some simple rules.

It is required to you

  • - fluorescent lamps or agro-lamps; - plate with water; - stones of lemons; - small pots with openings at the bottom; - drainage; - soil; - biohumus; - big pot


1. Before starting cultivation of lemon from stone, evaluate conditions in which there will be this long, but incredibly interesting process. Lemon – plant photophilous. Its correct development, blossoming and fructification can happen only in the place where at least several hours a day the lemon will be affected by sunshine. If your windows come to North side, equip them with additional lighting.

2. Besides lighting at cultivation of lemon from stone of the house it is necessary to watch also air humidity. It should not make less than 40%, otherwise the plant will die at the first stage of development, without having presented you fragrant foliage and juicy fruits. To provide to lemon sufficient air humidity, put on windowsill ware with water.

3. In order that it is successful to grow up lemon from house stone, choose in shop or in the market the brightest, equal and appetizing fruit. Take out from it stones, take the largest of them and immediately start landing.

4. Small pots with openings at the bottom best of all will be suitable for crops of stones of lemon. Fill up bottom drenazhy. Then fill pot with the friable soil received by mixing of the garden earth, peat and coarse-grained sand. Thrust lemon stones into soil on depth of 2 cm. You plant several seeds at once. It is necessary in order that further it was simpler to you to choose the strongest and healthy plants. In month after landing you will be able already to notice emergence of shoots.

5. Having waited for growth of saplings, approximately in 3-5 months, accurately replace them in big flowerpot, without breaking at the same time the earth lump formed in development of root system. To accelerate growth of lemon, add a little biohumus to the soil.

6. Normal development of lemon can only come from stone when the plant besides stalk has side branches. To cause their emergence, cut off the top of lemon with approach of spring, and on it leave number of kidneys untouched. Further from them escapes of the first order will appear. When also they grow up, remove them, having left kidneys for escapes of the second order. Repeat this procedure until there are escapes of the fourth order which will fructify. All this process, from landing of seeds before formation of the first fruits, can take from 4 to 10 years therefore have patience and wait for emergence of lemons, to taste to at all not conceding citruses which are grown up in tropical countries.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team