How to grow up lemon in the greenhouse

How to grow up lemon in the greenhouse

As the representative of evergreen citrus difficult transfers lemon winter, but if temperature decreases gradually and certain mark does not fall, then the plant will not die. To help it to winter, create special hothouse conditions.


1. The best time for landing of lemon in the greenhouse or in the house – spring. Temperature has to be + 20-22 degrees. There are two most widespread ways to grow up lemon: from seed and from top shanks. At the same time the second way gives much more chances in year after landing to reap crop. It is possible to get lemon shank in botanical garden.

2. Choose shank with 3-4 leaves and 1 years are not younger (escape has to odrevesnevet slightly). Plant it in damp bank sand, cover with can and provide with light. Water in 1-2 days, but small amount of water not to fill in plant. You watch air temperature in the greenhouse. It should not reach higher than +26 degrees. As soon as there is the first new leaf, remove to bank. The root system will become stronger approximately in 3 weeks then it is possible to replace lemon to the soil.

3. It is possible to grow up plants as in small pots and in the open ground. The second option allows to grow up trees considerably of the big sizes. Choose special mix for the citrus or 2/3 loamy soil mixed about 1/3 sands. From time to time you make replacement of top soil. Feed up the soil liquid fertilizers for citrus (once a month) in the winter, and in the summer – fertilizers with the high content of nitrogen (2-3 times a month).

4. Light and good ventilation are necessary for lemon. If you grow up lemon in the greenhouse in the summer, then in especially hot days it is better to protect plant from the scorching sun. Do not forget about thorough airing, it badly transfers high humidity. During long heat humidify both the soil, and racks. In the winter air temperature should not fall lower than +7 degrees. It is especially important for maturing of fruits. If temperature falls to zero or below, the plant peremerznt and will cease to fructify.

5. Water lemon with the purified or rain water as harmful impurity stop growth and worsen blossoming. Do not pour lemon tree, it can lead to rotting of roots. Carry out watering with such frequency which will allow the soil to dry out (it has to be hardly damp).

6. As required cut off too thin and long stalks, but it is not frequent. In warm season you watch that on plant mean insects were not got. For this purpose it is necessary to repeat about advantage of regular airing. Fruits usually ripen by fall. Do not remove them right after they have gained characteristic yellowish color. Leave them to ripen within 1-1.5 months.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team