How to grow up lentil

How to grow up lentil

Lentil belongs to family bean, it contains large amount of protein which causes the high caloric content of dishes from this remarkable plant. The feature of lentil is that it is considered eco-friendly product as does not accumulate in itself radionuclides, nitrates and other toxic elements during growth. As to grow up lentil on the parcel?


1. Lentil represents annual plant with well developed and branched root system. Depending on some factors and grade, height of this plant reaches height of 15-75 centimeters. Parnoperisty, difficult leaves with small short moustaches on the ends. Beans have the small sizes and rounded slightly flat shape.

2. The period of vegetation lasts from two to four months, depending on the soil, grade and weather conditions. One week later after crops seeds you will see the first shoots. Lentil, before the blossoming period, develops very slowly. But after emergence of the first flowers, approximately one and a half months later after emergence of sprouts, lentil begins to grow quickly.

3. Seeds of lentil sprout at temperature of 4 degrees, for shoots of this culture small frosts are not terrible. The most optimum temperature – 18-22 degrees is necessary for forming and fructification of vegetative bodies. Lentil is quite resistant to drought, but nevertheless it is desirable to humidify the soil regularly. Pay special attention to regular weeding and timely removal of weeds, otherwise the harvest will be not absolutely good. The loamy and sandy friable soil will be suitable for cultivation of this bean culture. When landing to the sour and heavy soil, culture will yield small harvests.

4. Row-crop and winter crops best of all are suitable as predecessors for lentil. Lentil is excellent source of nitrogen which is necessary for development and growth of other plants. Do not use for fertilizer bean manure. Potash and phosphoric fertilizers which need to be brought in the soil during spring and autumn redigging will be suitable for these purposes more. During crops you bring the granulated superphosphate.

5. You make crops of lentil at temperature of soil of 5-6 degrees, depth of seal of seeds has to be 5-6 centimeters. Distance between ranks when jumping bean culture – 10-15 centimeters. After landing to prikatayta the soil – it will give stronger shoots.

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