How to grow up lilies of the valley

How to grow up lilies of the valley

Lilies of the valley are unpretentious plants which throughout all summer season please with the blossoming. It is possible to grow up them on the garden or seasonal dacha. But it is important to know some rules of landing and leaving.

It is required to you

  • - saplings of lilies of the valley;
  • - humus;
  • - manure;
  • - superphosphate;
  • - potassium sulfate;
  • - peat compost;
  • - chopper;
  • - shovel;
  • - watering can;
  • - tamper.


1. Choose the suitable place for lilies of the valley. As they are forest plants and love moisture, it is the best of all to carry out their landing under bushes or trees. Moderate shadowing will be very useful for them and will allow to prolong the blossoming period. At the same time refuse those places where there are strong winds as then they will grow very badly.

2. Pave the way for landing of lilies of the valley. It is necessary to process soil on depth of 25-35 cm. Introduce in it organic and mineral fertilizers: manure, humus, superphosphate, peat compost and sulfate of potassium in equal proportions. Carefully you prorykhlit the soil and make in it grooves which depth has to be about 15-17 cm.

3. Begin planting of saplings of lilies of the valley. It is recommended to use them as seeds of this plant ascend extremely badly and demand the increased leaving. Saplings have to have good lobe of roots. They can have sprouts of various diameter. Important before landing carefully to straighten roots and it is a little to humidify of them. Observe distance between plants in 10-15 cm. Cover sprouts with earth on 2 cm.

4. Make watering of lilies of the valley. Take the warm settled water and pour in watering can. It is abundant humidify each sapling. If after that some of plants falls or will move aside, then chopper stamp the earth near it and level lily of the valley. Further it will be required to carry out regular watering of flowers. The soil always has to be humidified, otherwise dying off of roots will begin.

5. Every month carry out fertilizing of lilies of the valley. Face plants the rerotting manure or compost. Also you enter organic and mineral fertilizers into the soil. Surely carry out weeding of beds. In due time remove weeds. From time to time carry out scarification as then lilies of the valley will grow more actively.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team