How to grow up lobelia seedling

How to grow up lobelia seedling

There is opinion that it is quite difficult to grow up strong seedling of lobelia, special hothouse conditions for growth is required for plant and besides it is possible to ruin gentle seedlings very easily. Actually everything is not so difficult, apparently, and in house conditions it is possible to grow up strong seedling of lobelia and to admire magnificent cloud of its flowers during the whole summer.

It is required to you

  • - lobelia seeds;
  • - superficial capacity for seedling;
  • - universal soil for seedling;
  • - spray for watering;
  • - plastic bag;
  • - plastic cups or cachepot.


1. to sow lobeliaon seedlingIt is necessary to begin very much early, in February. Landing will require superficial capacity, it is possible to use plastic trays for foodstuff or flat dish for flowers.

2. The easy nutritious soil is necessary. For planting of seeds of lobelia use ready universal soil for seedling without peat. Fill it in container and slightly press palm.

3. Seeds of this flower very small therefore they cannot be closed up to the soil. Seed them on surface and sprinkle from spray warm water. Then put capacity in plastic bag and put to the warm solar place. Temperature 23-25os is necessary for germination of lobelia. Daily slightly open landings to air.

4. Seeds ascend very quickly, small sprouts will appear in week. During this period it is very important not to fill in them as thin and gentle sprouts can begin to decay and you will lose seedling. Spray plant from spray only in process of drying of top soil in capacity.

5. With the advent of 3-4 leaflets seedling needs to be raspikirovat in separate pots. To plant each plant separately it will not turn out, besides in it there is no sense as the lobelia looks beautifully when grows at magnificent curtain. Dig out seedlings bunches and carefully land in damp substrate. If you wish to grow up lobelia in cachepot, then at this stage it is possible to raspikirovat at once flower on the constant place. Put pots with lobelia on the solar place.

6. Before disembarkation to the open ground temper seedling, you take out it in the afternoon on balcony and after and at night positive temperature will be established, it is possible to leave it on the street on day and night.

7. To the open ground plant seedling of lobelia approximately on June 10, the threat of returnable frosts passes by this time. Do landings by transfer, prepare at first poles, and then slightly press on walls of glasses and plant lobelia together with earth lump. Slightly stamp the soil around plant and water with warm water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team