How to grow up lotus

How to grow up lotus

Lotus – perennial plant with the thick rhizome reserving useful substances. In China and India the lotus is considered sacred. These flowers mainly on the water surface grow. Lotus flowers fragrant, large, with set of lobes. Rhizomes and seeds of this plant use as forage for pets and eat. To grow up lotus not easy, for this purpose it is necessary to follow strictly all rules on care for this plant.

1. Cultivation. Grow up lotus rhizomes and seeds. The fastest way of reproduction – rhizomes. The result will be the next year. But for the fastest blossoming of lotus it is necessary to land mature horses of 7-8 summer plants. To grow up lotus seeds, it is necessary to lower previously them in bank with water, in this case the sprout will appear for the third day. It is much simpler to land seeds, but they take root worse. The lotuses planted in such a way only for 5-7 year blossom.

2. Conditions for landing. Lotuses grow in water therefore it is necessary to prepare small pond in advance. Minimum dimensions for disembarkation - 3х3 meters. Optimum depth of reservoir – 1-1.5 meters. On bottom of soil it is necessary to lay out small pebble that water was purer.

3. Landing. Plant lotus directly in water, by lowering of sprouts. For the best and comfortable health of lotuses the pond is planted often with cane or irises.

4. Leaving. After disembarkation and during cultivation of lotuses the pond needs to be cleaned surely, without allowing growth of plant near the coast. Between plants and the coast there has to be pure distance. If water dries up, it is necessary to add fresh, otherwise lotuses can die. Surely you watch height of water. Any fertilizers for lotuses it is not required, the main condition – enough clear water and attention.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team