How to grow up magnolia

How to grow up magnolia

The magnolia is beautiful bush with big brilliant leaves. Pride of this plant are flowers of various coloring with unusual aroma. It is possible to grow up such miracle on the personal plot if to follow the basic rules on leaving and landing of magnolia.


1. For a start be defined what way of cultivation of plant to you is the most suitable. The simplest – landing of magnolia saplings, you can buy them in the garden center or special shop. When choosing plant give preference to rather mature sprout not less than 1 meter high with 1-2 kidneys. Plant magnolia during the spring period, on the solar and protected from wind place. Select the soil without lime, enriched with humus. You make landing in pole which is twice more, than lump of the earth of sapling. On bottom strew mix of bone meal and compost in advance.

2. At cultivation of magnolia by means of seeds pay special attention to rules of landing. The seed needs to be cleaned from outer jacket in which it is stored not to lose viability. You make disembarkation in the small capacity (box) placed in the cool place (balcony, loggia). In this case it is better to select the soil friable with good circulation of air and moisture. For 3-5 months the earth needs to be humidified regularly.

3. After the sprout reaches height of 20-30 cm replace it in deeper capacity (pot), otherwise the plant will slow down the development. After emergence of the first the leaflet magnolia is replaced to the open ground. The ideal period for disembarkation – June. In this case the active growth of plant will begin in August-September, at the same time it will manage to get stronger completely to the first frosts. After disembarkation plant it is regularly necessary to water and feed up solution of mineral fertilizers. You remember: at the correct care for magnolia the first blossoming happens only in 10-12 years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team