How to grow up maiden grapes

How to grow up maiden grapes

Maiden grapes – the beautiful, quickly growing liana for vertical gardening. In the summer its leaves dark green, and in the fall they change the coloring for bright-red. This universal plant. It is not afraid of frosts, well grows not only in the sun, but also in the shaded places and is not exacting to the soil at all. Maiden grapes are used not only for decoration of walls, but also for covering of various vertical designs.

It is required to you

  • Shank of plant and pot with the soil for landing.


1. Usually maiden grapes are made multiple copies layers or cherenkovaniye. It can be grown up also from seeds. At the same time it is necessary to consider that the plants which are grown up from seeds begin to fructify only for the fifth year, and sometimes and is even later.

2. In the middle of September cut off rod top. Do not forget that its thickness has to be not less than five millimeters.

3. Then together with scapes remove two lower leaves. Cut off rod top with two top leaflets so that over the third leaf there was not large supply. This stock has to be equal to one centimeter.

4. After that put the prepared shank in water and leave for some time.

5. Now prepare pot with the soil. For this purpose mix in equal quantities the soil with sand. Fill with mix pot and put shank. Do not forget it to water moderately.

6. After landing put pot to the warm light place without direct sunshine. You remember, the temperature will be higher, the quicker from bosom the pasynkovy escape will begin to develop. Usually it occurs in two months.

7. Best of all to land grapes to the open ground in the early spring. It needs to be made right after the soil thaws and will be warmed.

8. Depth of landing should not exceed twenty centimeters. At disembarkation do not leave saplings with opening root system on wind and the sun. After landing properly water the soil around sapling.

9. It is the best of all to plant grapes near wall. It will protect plant from cold winds and also to reflect additional heat.

10. It is not necessary to add at the same time to the soil mineral fertilizers and lime. You can burn with this roots of young plant.

11. When the sapling grows up, establish about it support. Then in process of growth surely tie up escape to support twine.

12. Remember that in the first year of life the plant demands thorough leaving. Therefore try to delete regularly stepsons and weeds, and the soil needs to be watered and loosened well.

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