How to grow up maple

How to grow up maple

"Magnificent withering of the nature, in scarlet and gold the dressed woods". First of all, remembering the autumn wood, maples with their multi-colored foliage occur. Maples as in the east – the Japanese and Chinese engravings, and in the West are popular. Any children's drawing where the fall is represented, does not do without leaf fall of maple leaves. It is no wonder that many gardeners plant this beautiful tree on the sites.

1. It is possible to grow up maple from green shanks and seeds. After leaf fall collect seeds of the tree which has attracted to you. It is necessary to plant them or in the fall, or to maintain them at temperature about zero in damp state until you do not land them to the soil. If you have not prepared seeds in advance, look for them in the spring under trees. These seeds are prepared for germination by the nature therefore they can be landed immediately to the earth.

2. Seeds land on depth of 3 - 4 centimeters. Usually they arise 15 – 20 days later. Escape height in the first year of life is 40 – 80 centimeters. And through two – three years young maple can be replaced already to its constant "place of residence".

3. To grow up maple, pick up to it lit or at least the semi-shady place. For landing of sapling it is necessary to dig out hole the sizes of 50х50х70 centimeters. It is necessary to put young maple so that the root neck was or at ground level, or it is slightly buried (about 5 centimeters).

4. If the site intended for maple is boggy, then the drainage is necessary for it. Generally all types of maple prefer peat compost or humus, the cespitose earth and sand in the ratio 3:2:1. If you intend to plant several trees, be going to make between them distance 2 – 4 meters.

5. When landing it would be quite good to introduce mineral fertilizer in each hole. After maples it is necessary to fertilize every summer means of "Kemira-universal".

6. Water maples approximately once a month (about 15 liters on tree), and in dry time – once a week.

7. Maples of decorative breeds make multiple copies by means of inoculation on trees of one with them look. It is possible to impart both shank, and kidney. For example, on wild-growing stock of ostrolisty maple its cultural form can perfectly grow. The best time for reproduction of plant inoculations – early spring.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team