How to grow up monetary tree from shank

How to grow up monetary tree from shank

The monetary tree is mascot of wealth. This plant is known under the name "crassula". It is recognized by the thick wood trunk and juicy green leaves similar to coins. But, that the tree attracted wealth and good luck to the house, it is necessary to grow up it, but not just to buy in shop.

It is required to you

  • - shank from monetary tree
  • - small pot
  • - soil for cacti


1. Ask for acquaintances one shank from crassula. This plant very quickly develops and flushes therefore it will be easy to wait shank for landing. In wide, but superficial pot fill drainage and the soil for cacti and succulents. Such soil can be mixed independently. For this purpose take the sheet earth, sand and it is a little ashes.

2. Before planting crassula, dry shank within several hours. After that put it in pot with the paved way at once. From above it is possible to cover plant with can that it was accepted quicker. But the bank needs to remove periodically for airing of plant.

3. When the crassula grows up, rearrange it on southeast window. It is necessary that the crassula received a lot of light, but did not get under direct sunshine. On windowsill the pot with plant needs to be turned from time to time that it was not extended.

4. Water monetary tree in process of drying of earth lump. This plant does not love very damp soil because excessive moisture in pot can ruin its roots. It is not necessary to spray crassula, it is possible just to wipe its leaves from dust. Fertilizing has to be carried out 1 - 2 time a month by special fertilizers for cacti. When the tree grows up up to 20 cm, pinch off its top. It is so possible to create its krone.

5. In the summer the crassula needs to be taken out on balcony, on fresh air. And in the winter the plant needs rest: place it in the cool shaded place.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team