How to grow up monstera

How to grow up monstera

Monstera – true ornament not only office buildings and the foyer of schools, but also many city apartments and winter gardens. To grow up at home this tropical beauty, it is not necessary to equip the greenhouse at all or to do something special. Cultivation of monstera – process simple, but very fascinating.

It is required to you

  • universal soil, seedling pot, container with water, mineral and organic fertilizers, cachepot.


1. Implant monstera shank for further landing. In house conditions the monstera can perfectly be made multiple copies by means of shanks. Take shank with couple of leaves or kidneys (and it is even better that on escape was both) and place in the container with water. Usually the monstera pretty fast and well takes roots therefore it is possible to put such escape in small peat pot at once. Whatever way you have chosen, in 25-30 days it is possible to wait for rooting of escape in the soil.

2. Plant plant in pot. For monstera it is possible to use both universal nutritious soil, and the special earth "palm tree" or "monstera". The pot should not be too big, but also and should not seem too close. Developing, stalks and leaves of plant will outweigh that can lead to falling and zaprokidyvaniye of pot. It is necessary to replace young plants in pot more annually. The monstera at the age of 3-4 years can be replaced less often – every two years. And after five-year boundary the change is made time in 3-4 years.

3. Correctly look after the green beauty. Monstera – plant tropical, demanding certain soil moisture and air. However you should not fill in and splash it too. Abundant watering is necessary for plant in spring summer and the periods, and here in the fall and it is better to reduce waterings in the winter to give to monstera time for rest. In very hot weather surely spray the monstera and wipe its big leaves with damp rag from dust and dirt. All plants with large sheet plates very well purify air in apartments, collecting on themselves dust therefore they need to be washed regularly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team