How to grow up multiflowered tulips

How to grow up multiflowered tulips

With approach of spring the city beds, gardens, personal plots set with tulips gain bewitching beauty where multiflowered tulips especially interestingly look. From other types of representatives of tulips they are distinguished by ability to reveal the whole bouquet only from one bulb. That the buketny tulip kept the features, it is necessary to follow the simple rules.

What is multiflowered tulips

There was this "miracle" thanks to laborious work of the Dutch selectors. The stalk appearing from bulb to the middle of flower is separated, and on each branch reveals from 3 to 11 flowers.

As it is correct to choose and plant bulbs

Plant bulbs of buketny tulip at the end of September. The optimum place for this purpose – the solar place with not sour soil. It is better to choose bulbs large, with a diameter not less than 4 cm. It is necessary to consider that temperature of bulbs during this period has to be +10...+15 °C. Before starting their jumping, it is necessary to take care of etching: within half an hour to take future tulips in 0.5% solution of potassium permanganate.

It is necessary to plant bulbs, adhering to distance between them 10-20 cm. To define, it is how deeply necessary to plant bulbs, it is not difficult at all. For this purpose it is necessary to measure their height and to increase by 3. Having made simple calculations, it is possible to determine the most favorable depth of landing.

Fertilizer and watering of the soil

To grow up such species of tulips and to keep their mnogotsvetkovost, it is necessary not to be lazy them to water and to fertilize. Especially it is important to do it during their growth. For multiflowered tulips the fertilizing by mineral fertilizer in the spring and during emergence of buds and also potassium monophosphate solution during mass blossoming will be the best decision. Mineral fertilizer is scattered in proportion 40 - 50 gr. on sq.m. Soil fertilizer is carried out by solution of monophosphate of potassium in proportion of one tablespoon on water bucket. On the end of blossoming the ovary is removed and the stalk is left that promotes inflow of necessary nutrients from elevated part of tulip to its bulb. Such procedure provides multiflowered blossoming in the future. From the moment of snow descent prior to blossoming it is necessary to have moderately damp soil in zone of roots of buketny tulips. The spring drought can become the reason of lack of mnogotsvetkovost and promote weakening of blossoming in the future.

Excavation of bulbs

Yellowing of foliage marks time when bulbs have to be dug out and dried up accurately. It is necessary to store bulbs of buketny tulips, adhering to temperature condition of +30...+32 °C within month. At the beginning of August they are moved away to more cool room where bulbs will be gradually cooled. In August their temperature fluctuates from +22 to +18 °C.

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