How to grow up nolina

How to grow up nolina

Nolina – the Mexican plant of unusual look, with strong thickening in the lower part of trunk for which it is called bottle tree, elephant leg and Beaucarnea. The narrow sharpened leaves nolin usually grow from top of stalk and form magnificent spherical krone. Such exterior and indiscriminateness of plant in leaving have made it especially popular.

  • - wide pot;
  • - soil mix for cacti.

1. Observe moderation in watering. Nolina is drought-resistant plant and does not suffer excessive soil moisture and air. In the summer (during active vegetation) water plant it is abundant and is rare. You watch that water did not stand in pot and pallet. You carry out the following watering only after drying of earth lump. During the winter period (rest phase) water plant less often. You remember, the nolina does not transfer frequent sprayings and humid air therefore you should not place bush near humidifiers and in the bathroom.

2. Create moderate scattered lighting for nolina. If there is opportunity, try to place pot at the windows coming to South side. In summer days to pritenyayta plant from direct sunshine. During the winter period you can create additional illumination the daylight lamp.

3. Consider temperature preferences of nolina. Maintain temperature within 20-22 °C in the summer. Put pot to more cool room in the winter. Do not place plant near heating radiators.

4. You make change in the spring in process of growth of plant. Replace young nolina which instead of stalk have only spherical thickening once a year. Replace large copies in 3-4 years. Pick up wide, but superficial pot since roots nolin grow only in width. On bottom of pot fill good drainage small haydite layer. At transfer do not bury trunk – bulb more than on two thirds. As soil use soil mix for cacti or take not too prime garden quality land with sand.

5. You carry out fertilizing seldom. Use the liquid mineral fertilizing divorced twice from the norm specified on packing better.

6. Protect nolina from wreckers – web mite and shchitovka. For prevention of appearance of these wreckers you do not contain plant in too warm and excessively droughty conditions.

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