How to grow up onions on windowsill

How to grow up onions on windowsill

In winter and spring time the green onions are one of the most public suppliers of the vitamins scarce for this period of time. And contents in green onions of vitamins is much more, than in equivalent to it on the volume and weight napiform.


1. It is necessary to plant onions in heat, with air temperature about ten degrees and above. That production was uninterrupted, it is better to plant onions in flowerpot as it is quite esthetic and allows to receive gradually, but every day.

2. If there is no flowerpot, the liter cardboard package from under milk or juice will approach. Capacity for landing has to be such that under collum of onions there was layer of the earth from ten centimeters thick. Do not forget about drainage hole at the bottom, otherwise your bulb will prematurely decay.

3. Any soil, except clay can be useful for landing of bulb. It is possible to use even sawdust or even ordinary water. But as it is far from normal environment, do not expect strongly good results.

4. You should not put fertilizers in your kidney. All necessary for growth already is in bulb. Use of fertilizers will lead to unnecessary expenses or it is even worse to nitrites. Better not to apply the earth which was already used to cultivation of onions any more. It will lead to disease of onions and mass death of harvest.

5. That onions have better taken roots and quickly dews before landing he can be killed in hot water with temperature about 40 degrees. Onions it is better to put closely to each other or on distance no more than two centimeters from each other. It is necessary to water at first it is abundant that the soil was damp, and then as required.

6. To receive good green onions, but not yellow and sluggish, it is necessary to think of lighting. It is better to put pot on window which comes to the South, the southeast and the southwest. If light will be not enough, then it is possible to add artificial lighting, for example, the lamp to twenty watts.

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