How to grow up onions seeds

How to grow up onions seeds

Onion sets, Welsh onion, shnit, leek – all these grades of onions grow up from seeds. To receive seeds for landing, it is necessary to observe certain agrotechnology of landing, leaving and harvesting.


1. To receive seeds for cultivation sevka or turnips, it is necessary to plant the healthy, ripened onions. Each grade of onions for receiving seeds put far apart that grade not pereopylyalsya, there was also no crossing. If to put different grades at a short distance, then seeds will turn out low-quality, and cultivation from such seeds will result in bad results.

2. For landing of onions to seeds the uterine plants cut off for the best germination. Land at distance 15 centimeters from each other. It is necessary to deepen bulbs on 3 centimeters, to fill up top layer with sawdust, peat or humus.

3. Leaving consists in weeding, loosening and fertilizing of bulbs. Fertilizers for fertilizing can be introduced mineral or organic in the liquid state. After emergence of arrows and formation of flowers the watering is made at the roots not to damage flowers. Arrows need to be tied up to lane or everyone separately to thick rods.

4. It is also necessary to process onions from wreckers with use of chemical or natural medicines, for example, wood ashes.

5. As soon as seeds have ripened, and boxes have darkened and became brittle, it is necessary to cut off arrows at once and to decompose thin layer under canopy for dozarivaniye. After dozarivaniye the seeds thresh, dry and put in fabric for storage. Onions seeds are stored in the cool, dark and dry place.

6. For receiving seeds of Welsh onion, leek and the shnit it is necessary to stop cut after full growth of feathers. Onions will go to pipes on which boxes with seeds will be formed.

7. After ripening of seeds of pipe cut off, dozarivat and thresh. Seeds as well as seeds of onions turnip are stored.

8. In the early spring, after snow descent, seeds sow in well fertilized soil and make loosening, removal of weeds, watering and fertilizing.

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