How to grow up orange from stone

How to grow up orange from stone

To put to the earth orange stone – task not difficult. It is quite possible that it will even sprout, orange is considered the most unpretentious plant from all citrus. It quickly enough grows and can adapt to any lighting. But if you want to grow up the real tree from stone, then for this purpose it is necessary to know some small cunnings.

It is required to you

  • - oranges (stones);
  • - pot;
  • - peat;
  • - clear water;
  • - cellophane film.


1. After you eat fruit and will get stone from there, it is possible to start landing. For a start, pave pot and the way. Take clay pot with a diameter about 10 cm, lay drainage on bottom, and from above fill the soil. The soil surely has to be feeder, it is the best of all to take it from under nettle or oak. If such you do not find, then ready mix can be bought in shop.

2. Put stone on depth about 2.5 cm, and it is better to put at once couple in different pots. In stone of orange there are several germs therefore 2-3 sprouts can appear at once. Then water the soil and cover with film. Put pot in the lit place and do not remove film before emergence of shoots. At temperature about 22 degrees the shoots will appear 3 weeks later. After their emergence choose the strongest sprout, and remained to prishchipnita.

3. After escape a little grows up, replace it in pot more that to plant it was spacious. As a rule, do not recommend to replace orange, it is the best of all to change periodically top layer of the earth and to enrich it with fertilizers. Choose indoors the place for tree with the scattered bright light and try not to rearrange it.

4. Water more often in the summer and spray tree, you can even take out it on balcony or in garden. Time in 2 weeks is recommended to introduce fertilizers.

5. In order that orange normally blossomed and fructified, it needs to create krone. In the spring to branch prishchipyvayta, having length of 10 - 15 cm. Leave the top leaves, and under them tear off two. It will promote awakening of kidneys.

6. If you want orange to have quicker blossomed, provide it cold wintering. You contain it in the winter at temperature about 7 degrees and rare watering. In that case it will blossom already 3 years later.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team