How to grow up oyster mushrooms in house conditions

How to grow up oyster mushrooms in house conditions

Oyster mushroom mushrooms without special expenses can be grown up in the open ground in the summer, and in the adapted rooms – all the year round. Technology of cultivation simple, having made minimum of efforts it is possible to receive quite good harvest of mushrooms.

Oyster mushrooms – cultivation on stubs

Externally oyster mushrooms look unattractively – ukhovidny form of hat gray, colors are more rare brown. Fruit bodies are placed one above another as tile, forming big families, their weight can reach 2-3 kg. Mushrooms along with culinary advantages have curative properties: water and spirit infusions from fruit bodies suppress development of cancer tumors, normalize blood pressure.

Cultivation of oyster mushrooms on personal plots quite feasible business. The most available method is cultivation on stubs from old trees. Late spring or in the first of summer on stub do pro-saws in which put mycelium.

Then the opening is closed bark pieces, and stub to protect from drying, filled up with sawdust and regularly humidified. Within summer months the mycelium will expand in the thickness of wood and the next year mushrooms will appear. Fructification of oyster mushrooms is promoted by damp cool weather. It can continue many years, before total destruction of stub.

How to grow up oyster mushroom on chock

It is possible to adapt for cultivation of mushrooms of chock of 40-50 cm and with a diameter of 15 cm and more. Wood is retted for 2-3 days, then infected with mycelium – split chock in half, lay layer of seedling and will connect halves wire twists. The mycelium expense on one stub or chock makes 50-100 g.

For chocks dig out groove of such size that they could be laid sideways. The bottom is dimmed layer of damp shavings, stack them on this bed, from above filled up with shavings or sawdust and watch that they were damp. The oyster mushroom yields harvest in the open ground in the spring and in the fall. It is necessary to pick mushrooms when edges of hats become straight.

Mushrooms – perishable product, at the room temperature are stored till 6 o'clock, at 0-+2 °C – 7 days, -12 °C – 2 months, -24 °C – 2 years. Oyster mushrooms should be prepared on weak fire no more than 15 minutes that they did not become rigid and have not lost the aroma. Mushrooms can be used in salads, sauces, to cook from them the first and second courses. Do forcemeat for pies and vareniki of legs. For preparation for the future mushrooms can be dried, salted, pickled.

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