How to grow up parsley in the winter

How to grow up parsley in the winter

Parsley – really valuable and unpretentious plant which is grown up practically on each garden site. But how to be in the winter if fresh greens want? Not problem, parsley can be grown up with success in house conditions. Cut off from own windowsill, it will help to strengthen immunity and health, will fill up your organism with necessary vitamins and minerals. As it is correct to grow up parsley in the winter?

It is required to you

  • - boxes or pots;
  • - soil mix;
  • - haydite;
  • - chalk or wood ashes.


1. For cultivation of parsley in house conditions it is possible to use the most various container – wooden and plastic boxes, pots and flowerpots, plastic containers and buckets from mayonnaise, glasses from sour cream and other tanks. For landing it is the best of all to take grades of root parsley as it is less subject to diseases, it is easily stored and quickly gives the first greens.

2. As soil practically any earth mixed with sand, sawdust or peat will approach. On bottom of capacity fill even layer of haydite, it will play role of drainage and to remove excess water outside. It is not obligatory to add to fertilizer soil as the planting stock contains many nutrients. For neutralization of acidity bring one teaspoon of normal chalk or wood ashes on one kilogram of substrate.

3. The first way of cultivation of parsley – by means of seeds. For this purpose in the paved way seeds land (previously germinated in warm water). It is desirable choose sheet grades, optimal variant – cultivation of curly parsley as this grade will give beautiful, magnificent and fragrant greens. After crops it is abundant water the soil and put box or pot to the solar place (on windowsill from South side). If seeds sprout too densely – thin out them and grow up before formation of full-fledged foliage.

4. Many prefer to grow up parsley during the winter period from root crops in flowerpots (three root crops on one average pot, differently foliage will be weak and poor). Thanks to such way of landing the first stalks will appear already two-three weeks later. And in five weeks, full-fledged parsley with magnificent and beautiful foliage will grow. Thus it is possible to receive fresh greens during the whole year, as many fans practice.

5. It is recommended to water parsley once a week, at the same time try not to allow overwettings of the soil. Optimum air temperature for cultivation of greens +22 degrees.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team