How to grow up parsley on the seasonal dacha

How to grow up parsley on the seasonal dacha

Parsley - is loved by many, and some just do not imagine complete dish without it. But how to grow up parsley independently at the dacha to enjoy it more often?

Parsley! In many kitchens of the world it is irreplaceable spice. Soups, broths, second courses, sandwiches — all listed dishes become more tasty with addition of these greens. Parsley was always decoration of table. And the most important – it is absolutely easy to grow up it on the seasonal dacha.

Crops of parsley

Seeds of parsley can be sowed, without retting previously. But in this case the harvest will grow week later. For this reason experienced gardeners-gardeners advise to carry out pretreatment of seeds before crops.

They use small cunning: seeds ret in milk, then for disinfection - in potassium permanganate. After all these procedures of grain it is necessary to dry. Parsley is rather resistant to cold and even to frosts. Therefore in the middle of April it is quite possible to be engaged in crops of parsley on the site.

To the soil parsley is not choosy. But it is worth paying attention to several moments. It is the best of all to pave the way since fall. Well the friable soil will approach, it is abundant fertilized by humus or other mineral fertilizers. Perfectly parsley in the soil on which several years were grown up potatoes and beet feels.

However it is worth refusing allotment on which carrots, cilantro, fennel grew earlier. For crops it is possible to choose both the solar place, and half-shade.

For crops of seeds it is necessary to prepare ridges with holes at distance of 20 cm from each other. Holes have to be superficial. Before crops of hole it is necessary to spill solution of water and fertilizers. After laying of seeds of hole fill up and slightly stamp. First "kucheryashka" of parsley will seem approximately week later.

Care for parsley

It is necessary to water depending on weather. You should not ret beds. It is better to carry out watering in the morning or in the late afternoon. Several times during the summer it is worth thinking also of fertilizing. The first should be carried out several weeks later after crops. For this purpose perfectly the ammonium nitrate, superphosphate, chloride potassium divorced in water will approach. In proportions on 30 g on water bucket.

You should not forget also about fight against weeds. Petrushka loves the friable earth therefore from time to time it is necessary to loosen it. It is rather important point in cultivation of parsley which helps oxygen to arrive to roots. For collecting large number of harvest, parsley is periodically podseivat.

It should be noted that parsley – biennial plant. Having seeded once, at the correct leaving we reap abundant crop of greens on the seasonal dacha for two years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team