How to grow up pepper seedling in house conditions

How to grow up pepper seedling in house conditions

Cultivation of seedling of pepper demands knowledge of certain subtleties. It is very important to follow rules of agrotechnology and temperature condition as receiving abundant and early harvest directly depends on it.


1. To grow up pepper seedling in house conditions, it is necessary to prepare seeds previously. Touch them: you will throw out damaged, small and dried up.

2. Wet pepper seeds in dark-violet solution of potassium permanganate not less than for 20 minutes, and then wash with flowing water and for 24 hours leave in solution of fertilizers for seedling. That sprouts have appeared quicker, wrap seeds in damp rag, put in saucer and place in heat for 5-7 days (to prorashchivaniye).

3. Pepper are recommended to be sowed in separate tanks (special pots for seedling, plastic cups, paper boxes from dairy products). Plant seeds on 2-3 pieces in each pot on depth of 3-4 cm. When using boxes, plastic containers make in the soil superficial grooves at distance from each other in 5 cm. Between seeds in grooves there have to be 2-3 cm.

4. Slightly condense the earth, humidify it with warm water, sow seeds and powder with the dry soil on 3-4 cm. At such way of landing the top layer of the earth will remain friable and will pass light and oxygen.

5. Optimum temperature of the room before emergence of shoots - 20-24os. When there are first sprouts, it is lowered on 8-10os. This measure reduces the growth rate of tops of vegetable, and as a result the root system will be more powerful. In week increase air temperature, as a result seedling will quickly develop.

6. Water pepper as required, using the settled warm water in moderate quantities. Watering usually is done to not thicket of 1-2 times a week. From time to time spray plants with water.

7. To grow up good seedling of pepper, do not forget to feed up it fertilizers. The first fertilizing becomes in phase of 2 real leaves, the second - one week prior to disembarkation to the open ground. After application of fertilizers water plants to avoid burns of roots.

8. If seeds have been planted in the general box, it is necessary to seat them in separate tanks. Dive seedling of pepper at emergence of 2-3 present sheets.

9. In 2-3 hours prior to sword-play water seedling. Fill tanks with the moistened soil, make deepenings in the middle and plant plants so that from soil level to cotyledonous sheets there was no naked stalk. Water raspikirovanny seedling of 1 times in 5-6 days, moistening all soil mix in pots.

10. Begin to temper seedling of pepper in 10-14 days prior to disembarkation to the soil. Expose plants to the windless warm place at several o'clock a day, then leave them per day, and after a while and for the night.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team