How to grow up persimmon in house conditions

How to grow up persimmon in house conditions

Persimmon belongs to subtropical cultures, not all types it are edible. But those which can be eaten have so refined taste that it is only necessary to regret that this fruit does not grow in our weather conditions. But it is possible to try to grow up persimmon in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • ripe fruit of persimmon
    • pot with the earth
    • water


1. To plant persimmon, you need ripe and sweet fruit. After you with pleasure have eaten it, the svezhevynuty stone of fruit should be buried with the earth on depth of 1-2 cm Earth can be taken in pot normal garden, all the same the sprout should be replaced soon. Humidify the earth, cover pot with film and put to the warm place. Periodically raise film to make sure that the earth at you has not grown mouldy. In week in pot the first sprout has to appear. If has ascended through 2 nothing, you can throw out the earth together with stone, all the same to sense will not leave it any more.

2. After emergence of sprout remove polyethylene. You can try to remove not disappeared stone in couple of days independently, otherwise it will ruin young plant. Persimmon will very quickly go to growth therefore prepare in advance big pots in which you will replace it. Do not forget that it after all the tree and its root system is necessary a lot of place.

3. When the tree reaches height of 30-50 cm, its prishchipnita from above to induce it to emission of side escapes. On achievement by escapes of the size of 20-40 cm, they are prishchipyvat too for formation of branches of the second order with which it is necessary to treat in the same way. Thus, gradually at you the small tree with roundish krone will turn out.

4. The room tree can reach height to one and a half meters, and on the fourth year of life it will throw out the first flowers. By this time it already should be imparted if you have such opportunity. Otherwise fruits on your tree will be small and sour.

5. The plant should not be watered too often, but during active vegetation it needs to be humidified in process of drying of the soil. If it has blossomed in June, then fruits should be expected in October. Be not afraid to take out at the same time tree on balcony or any other open space. It is not afraid of cold, and the first frost even does well to fruits, doing them especially sweet and juicy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team