How to grow up phloxes from seeds

How to grow up phloxes from seeds

It is possible to see bright phloxes on city beds and seasonal dachas, on the balconies and in school flower beds. Their popularity is unsurprising. The plant which name in translation from Greek means "fire" long blossoms, pleasantly smells and quietly transfers any vagaries of the weather. Make multiple copies long-term phloxes in generally vegetative way — division of bush or cherenkovaniye. But it is possible to grow up them and from seeds. One-year grades make multiple copies mainly seeds.

It is required to you

  • - seeds of phloxes;
  • - garden earth;
  • - sprayer;
  • - polyethylene film;
  • - garden stock.


1. Collect seeds. For this purpose it is necessary to define, they have ripened or not. Externally it is not visible as there are they in box. If you miss the moment, seeds from the burst box will be scattered without your permission. It does not make to collect unripe seeds in this case too any sense, they will not ripen. Therefore drill pricker one of boxes and look what is in it. There have to be large dense seeds of different shades green. Seeds are on sale also in flower shops.

2. Seeds of long-term phloxes very quickly lose viability therefore it is impossible to wait till spring. Besides, for normal development of plants the seeds have to be chilled. Begin to prepare for landing at once after collecting. Choose the site where flowers will be able to grow quietly several years. Phloxes badly feel in shadow and in boggy lowlands. Also the place under dense crowns will not approach.

3. Pave the way. It has to be friable and feeder. On it phloxes will well grow, and blossoming will be long and magnificent. These plants do not love large amount of sand, they do not like also heavy sour soils. On such earth the shoots, most likely, will not appear at all. The bed or bed need to be prepared to the first frosts.

4. It is the best of all to sow long-term phloxes in November-December. It is possible to make it and in January, but not later. The closer to spring — the less chances that seeds will ascend. The dropped-out snow should not frighten you. Just remove it from bed.

5. On the exposed to frost surface of flower bed spread out seeds. Optimum distance — 4-5 cm from each other. From above fill thin layer of the normal garden earth. It can be prepared in advance and to store in the warm room that it was not chilled. The suitable earth can be chosen also in shop for gardeners, there it is on sale all the year round. It is not obligatory to do layer continuous, it is possible just to powder seeds. Fill up bed with snow and quietly wait for spring. At such way ascend in the spring almost all seeds, and nearly a half of plants blossoms.

6. Cultivation of annual phloxes has the features. Prepare bed just as for perennials. It can be done both in the fall, and in the spring. Scatter seeds on the surface of the soil at distance of 3-4 cm from each other. Water them from the sprayer and cover with polyethylene film. It is not necessary to powder with the earth. The film needs to be removed every day for a short time that plants have a little breathed and also to shake from it condensate. After germination of seeds the film is removed absolutely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team