How to grow up pine

How to grow up pine

The small sosenka near the house or on the seasonal dacha not only will decorate the yard, but also can serve fir-tree role for New Year. Why to cut annually trees when it is possible to decorate own Christmas tree. And snow on it will lie not from cotton wool, and the most real.


1. It is not necessary to think that to grow up pine on own site, it is enough to bring sapling from the wood, to thrust it to the earth and to do nothing any more. Such tree is doomed to death and if takes root, then it will have look not the best. Though the pine is also tree, normal for our climatic zone, on the garden site she demands care, special for herself.

2. Before buying sapling, choose the place for landing. You remember, pine – photophilous plant. If you at least once were in the pine forest, then for certain saw how trees aspire to light, and is how deplorable the sites of trunk which have remained in the shadow look. When the place is found, dig out hole twice big, than root container. Fill drainage on bottom, fill hole with soil substrate and plant sapling. The less there will be tree, the higher it chances of sewing. It is abundant water the soil and powder from above with sawdust or fragmented peat. It will help to preserve moisture, and gradually decaying organic chemistry will become fine fertilizer to the kid.

3. In the first years until the pine has come into force, try to save it from hard frosts and the scorching sunshine. Do not fill in the root system of tree, periodically feed up plant the growth factors which are on sale in the garden centers. And in order that the sosenka remained beautiful and accurate, it will be necessary to cut its krone periodically.

4. Every spring the pine will begin to throw out some kind of candles from which new branches grow. Without excessive pity cut off prirostka, leaving stumps of 2-5 cm in size. At first the short-haired pine will look not really beautifully, but in week - another candle stumps will start up side branches, and the pine will begin to acquire beautiful accurate krone. But never cut off needles about the pines which have remained on branches of part of needles will turn yellow and will spoil species of tree.

5. Periodically sprinkle krone water. Pines love small dozhdichka after which they look even more brightly, even more beautifully.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team