How to grow up pineapple from top in house conditions

How to grow up pineapple from top in house conditions

This exotic fruit often appears on table on holidays, pleasing with effective look and gentle taste. Some even manage to use the remains of fruit and to grow up pineapple from top in house conditions. It is real though the tropical plant is rather whimsical. On all questions which can appear at you the experienced flower growers have already given answers.

Whether any fruit will be suitable for cultivation of pineapple

By experience of amateur flower growers, it is possible to grow up house pineapple not from any top. After New Year's holidays many have cop - crown of exotic fruit, the temptation appears to create houses tropical corner. However the pineapple bought not in the winter, and in the summer or will be the best option in the fall.

To choose ripe pineapple:

- make sure that has begun to smell fruit easy, sweetish, but also not too strong. In the latter case it is not excluded: that pineapple has become overripe and even has begun to begin to rot;

- tropical fruit can have color from greenish to yellow, depending on grade. Pineapple has to have uniform coloring, without green top and dark stains about scales;

- the mature fruit - elastic and elastic when pressing, but not firm (unripe) or soft (overripe), at pat makes deaf sound;

- the center of cop at quality fruit has no damages, leaves juicy-green, at the edges slightly dried up.

Whether it is necessary to prepare pineapple top for landing

If to try to grow up pineapple from top from the pulp remains, then the trunk can decay subsequently. Carefully, not to damage core, clasp leaves and turn. The mature top of fruit has to separate without effort.

From below clean off pulp and greens, leave only 1-2-centimeter trunk. Before landing the pineapple crown surely has to dry within 2-3 weeks, and in vertical position. So the root system will better develop.

It is possible to plant cop in soil at once or it is necessary to implant it

It is recommended to place naked trunk of fruit in glass with water for about three weeks. Put capacity on windowsill nearby with other houseplants. Periodically update water. You have to wait for emergence of backs 2-2.5 cm long.

Where to plant pineapple and what soil to use

For primary landing of pineapple it is enough to use container for house plants which slightly exceeds diameter fruit top. At the bottom there have to be openings that excess moisture flowed.

Lay two-centimetric layer of haydite and ceramic crocks in pot, then fill mix of bank sand, peat, the soil for the house flowers taken in equal shares.

How to make landing of pineapple

It is abundant water substrate with abrupt boiled water. Later couple of days land in it pineapple crown so that all leaves of bottom have appeared at ground level. Stamp soil, water and spray top.

Arrange the greenhouse: cover container with polyethylene film for 2-3 weeks. Put to the warm place, light, but not under direct sunshine. The first 6-8 weeks only spray plant. Sign that pineapple from top in house conditions has taken root – new leaves. Old greens will gradually grow brown and will become obsolete, delete it, doing accurate cut.

How to look after home-made pineapple

Water the taken roots plant weekly in process of soil drying, using warm or hot water. After year of growth replace pineapple in more spacious container, having partially replaced soil. After change 2-3 weeks keep plant under film. In the summer tropical fruit can be established to the greenhouse for cucumbers or to transfer to balcony.

If at you it has turned out to grow up pineapple from top in house conditions, then when the houseplant becomes not less than 25 cm high, it is possible to wait for the beginning of blossoming, and then – and development of new fruit. Depending on grade of fruit and conditions of keeping within three-six months at you own small pineapple can develop.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team