How to grow up pineapple in house conditions

How to grow up pineapple in house conditions

If you have decided to decorate the house or to surprise guests with exotic plant, give preference to pineapple. It can easily be grown up in house conditions, at the same time not to be obligatory the experienced flower grower.

  • Pineapple, sharp knife, wood charcoal, Pineappele Family, Orchid or Cactus soil, pot, glass jar.

1. Choose fruit for rooting. The withers of pineapple should not be frozen therefore buy fruit in warm season - the end of summer or early autumn. Before purchase attentively examine fruit - on it there should not be damages, traces of decay and dents. Color of peel - golden.

2. Put pineapple on table and cut off top sharp knife. Smooth out trunk from pulp and peel to prevent formation of decay. Cut off the lower part before emergence of dark circles or points. At the same time be extremely accurate not to injure root kidneys. You can make in a different way. Take pineapple withers in hand, strongly scroll and separate from fruit.

3. Dry the withers prepared for landing. For this purpose hang up it in vertical position in the dark cool room and leave for 3-7 days. During this time the withers can strongly dry up, but it does not mean that it there is no sense to land. On the contrary, during dormant period the place of cut begins to live and all nutrients remain in shank that will accelerate rooting process.

4. Prepare pot for landing. Diameter of capacity has to be about 15 cm. On bottom pour out drainage (haydite or pebble) layer in 1.5-2 cm. Then pour out soil - the bank sand and peat mixed in equal proportions. If you have no free time or desire on drawing up soil, buy ready in specialized shop. The mix "Pineappele Family", "Orchid" or "Cactus" will be ideal. Before landing water it with boiled water. It will provide the necessary humidity and will disinfect soil.

5. Slightly powder the lower part of shank wood charcoal. Submerge to the level of the lower leaves, water with otstoyanny water and cover with glass jar or plastic bag. Put pot to the light place so that on it direct sunshine did not get. Do not assume that soil dried up, it always has to be damp. In few months, pineapple completely will take roots. You make change of times a year.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team