How to grow up pineapple on windowsill

How to grow up pineapple on windowsill

To grow up pineapple on personal windowsill – that can be more entertaining. Some claim that to make it as easy as shelling pears, it is only necessary to stock up with patience, others are not so optimistic, providing sad statistics, - from 10 attempts successful are only 2-3. And the thing is that in cultivation of exotic fruit not in the native habitat, and in extreme conditions for it (which the atmosphere of the normal apartment is) many reefs are concealed.

1. Right choice of pineapple. The main condition – fruit should not be subjected to freezing and further defrosting. Therefore it is the best of all to buy pineapple at the end of summer or in early autumn. Attentively examine it before purchase: it should not be resung and damaged by insects, leaves have to be firm, green, without spots.

2. Separate top – green "cop". There are 2 options. The first: hand capture all socket of leaves in bunch and, having strongly turned it, separate from fruit (the top has to leave with small stalk about 1-1.5 cm long). The second option: put pineapple on one side and cut off top, and then surely remove all lower leaves and edible pulp up to stalk in order to avoid rotting.

3. Accurately cut off the basis of ""cop"" (or tear off fibers hands), you will not see root kidneys yet. They represent small points or circles on stalk surface.

4. Experts consider the next stage the main secret of successful rooting and further growth of pineapple. The top separated and processed by you should be dried to (slightly dry) within 2, and even 3 weeks in the dark aired place (some reduce term up to 7-10 days). All this time it has to be in the suspended vertical position. You should not worry that your planting stock tightly will dry up and by that will not equal your hopes. On the contrary, during this dormant period the wound surface of stalk will begin to live, and the nutrients remaining in shank will go to zone of formation of backs.

5. While the top dries, prepare pot and substrate for rooting. The pot has to be small diameter. Arrange drainage haydite or pebble layer 1.5-2 cm high at its bottom. For further filling mix peat and bank sand in proportion 1:1, before landing of shank spill all layer abrupt boiled water, it both will disinfect substrate and will provide humidity. If you do not want to potter with substrate preparation, buy in flower shop of the mix "Pineappele Family" or "Cactus".

6. Before landing powder the lower part of "cop" (stalk) wood charcoal. Put him in pot, having deepened it in substrate to the lower leaves and having slightly trampled down the earth around shank (stalk). Your landing by water also cover Sprysnite with can or polyethylene. Put on windowsill, but not under direct sunshine. Support moderate watering (the soil should not be kiselisty from moisture surplus).

7. Approximately in 2 months check whether your landing has taken roots. For this purpose very carefully bend plant sideways if you feel resistance, so in the earth new backs were formed, rooting has taken place successfully. If landing easily tends aside, and even drops out of "slot", rooting has not happened. In this case take out shank and if the stalk has not too strongly decayed, start all process anew, washout and having dried stalk. And everything is even better to begin with new planting stock.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team