How to grow up potatoes at the dacha

How to grow up potatoes at the dacha

The secret of excellent harvest of potatoes at the dacha is simple – it is necessary to prepare correctly tubers, according to certain recipe to prepare gas station for landing holes. It is necessary to know how to struggle with wreckers what measures to take for prevention of diseases.

Preparation of tubers and earth

Put 2 kg of tubers of potatoes on April 10-15 in transparent plastic bags. Spray them with growth factor solution, suspend on the glazed balcony. Periodically moisten tubers by means of spray. In month on them roots, small strong sprouts and violet-green leaves will be designated. The excellent planting stock is ready.

Potatoes are planted when the soil gets warm above +10os. In old times this time was defined simply – the barefoot elderly person got up on the dug-up earth if the leg cold, so could not put. Now optimum time for landing of potatoes can be defined this already exotic way, by means of the thermometer or the calendar. If on it there is date on May 10-20, it is time to inter tubers.

Dig up the earth, choosing weeds. In 5 hours you proboronit rake, breaking them coma. Take measure. It is done of two sticks which height of 60 cm. Tie strong thread to their top, having reeled up on one of sticks. Length of thread is equal to the size of the longest bed.

Now boarding

Thrust one stick for the beginning, and the second – for the end of this first bed. The rope is fine determinant of flatness of landings. Closely to it through each 25 cm make holes on all first bed. Walk along them, lowering in everyone on: - to small handful of ashes; - 300 g of humus; - to half of teaspoon to nitrophoska or complex fertilizer. Hands in gloves mix this fertile mix in pole. Put in each deepening on one potato roots down, and sheets upward. Take out stick. Put so that its one end lay on that opening from which you have just got it. Thrust the second in earth point which it reaches. Also arrive with the second stick. As a result ridges will be perfectly equal. Now work in the second row. Take every time shovel the earth precisely behind pole of the first bed, filling up dredging with potato. New deepenings of the second row will be at distance of 25 cm too. Fill also these holes, plant in them potatoes. Cover them with earth, taken from the third ridge. After all potatoes are planted, level site rake, having covered by means of them the last row with earth.

Care for potatoes

In 3 weeks after emergence of shoots hill bushes big chopper from two parties. The second time perform the same work in 3-4 weeks after the first earthing up. It is possible to porykhlit in the same way the earth, filling it from two parties, and the third time. Do it before interlocking of ranks as a result of growth and drowning of tops of vegetable. Water potatoes during heat of times in 5 days, drenching the soil on 5 cm. In cool days water time in 7-10 days. It is possible to dissolve according to the instruction medicines from slugs, Colorado beetle and to splash them tops of vegetable, the soil around bush. Usually at the dacha do not plant with potatoes huge plantations therefore gathering of bugs, slugs it is better to carry out manually, without application of chemistry. Fertilizing is not necessary to potatoes as landing holes are filled optimum amount of organic and mineral fertilizers. Every year plant potatoes on the new place, it helps prevention of diseases and reduces the number of wreckers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team