How to grow up primrose from seeds

How to grow up primrose from seeds

At cultivation of primrose from seeds the flower growers can come up against situation when very long there are no shoots. To avoid it, it is necessary to apply stratification – the special agrotechnical reception allowing to reduce waiting time and to increase viability of seeds.

It is required to you

  • - primrose seeds;
  • - bank sand;
  • - peat pot;
  • - soil for flowers;
  • - capacity for seedling.


1. For cultivation of seedling of this plant it is necessary to buy the special soil consisting of mix of the garden earth with organic fertilizers, peat and humus. Desirable condition – the drainage made of the coarse calcinated bank sand.

2. For stratification the seeds of primrose need to be wetted in water for day (it is possible to use cotton tampons to which they should be spread out, as seeds very small), then to place in damp sand and to put capacity on the lower shelf of the fridge at temperature of +2 With for 7-10 days. From above it is necessary to cover with film or piece of glass.

3. It is allowed to carry out stratification of seeds directly when landing them to soil or to torfoperegnoyny pots. At the same time seeds need to be spread out accurately over the damp soil in couples, to cover with glass or transparent film and also to place in the fridge for 7-10 days. Then capacity needs to be put on the light place, but it is impossible to remove film, the first shoots will not appear yet. Crops need to be aired and sprayed regularly from spray.

4. After shoots reach height of 5 mm, it is gradually necessary to accustom them to ambient temperature, removing the shelter for some time. After seedlings grow up and will throw out the third present sheet, it is necessary to raspikirovat them on separate pots.

5. To the open ground of plant land in the first half of May. At change it is desirable not to damage root system as it still very brittle. The earth needs to be humidified well, for the night to cover seedlings from cold, and in the afternoon – from the sun. At good leaving of plant will take root pretty fast, and the film can be removed.

6. In spite of the fact that the primrose is biannual plant, it can grow without change more than five years, expanding in curtains. However gradually its decorative effect is lost therefore if necessary the expanded bush can be divided into several sockets and to land on the new place.

7. It is necessary to divide plants in cloudy weather or in the evening. For this purpose it is required to dig out completely bush of the soil and to separate into sockets by means of knife or secateurs. It is necessary to replace plants in previously dug over and fertilized earth, accurately straightening roots and it is abundant watering the soil around. Once having seeded primrose, it is possible to enjoy for many years unpretentious gentle plants in the garden.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team