How to grow up pumpkin

How to grow up pumpkin

Pumpkin, though does not consider our climatic latitudes the family, nevertheless, well has taken root on kitchen gardens and sites of midland. Under favorable circumstances it is possible to receive up to 50 kg of tasty yellow-orange pulp from the one and only sunflower seed. The nonprofessional will even easily cope with cultivation of pumpkin.


1. It is possible to land pumpkin in soil both seeds, and seedling. The more cold and surovy the climate, the less opportunities will be at plant to develop and manage to yield fruits therefore decide what type of landing suits you more.

2. Pumpkin seeds well sprout already at temperatures of 14-15 °C, before landing they need to be warmed up in oven at temperature of 50 °C within 3 hours. This procedure stimulates future plant to formation of bigger quantity of female ovaries from which pumpkins will develop.

3. It is possible to land pumpkin in normal garden soil on the earth or organic basis, like the rotting kospost. Establish over bed at the beginning the covering design which will preserve young plants from damages by spring frosts.

4. Pumpkin very quickly sprouts and forms the big, covered in flowers lashes. You will be able to receive the best fruits only from its central stalk therefore delete side escapes without excessive regret.

5. To increase productivity, it is possible to apply controlled pollination. It is necessary to make it in dry weather up to 11 o'clock in the morning until boots have managed to be showered still. Pick men's flower and move it on snout in pistillate flower. If all of you have made correctly, in the next days you will be able already to see significant increase in fruit under flower.

6. It is necessary to remove pumpkin fruits only when they reach maturity. Ripe pumpkin has well expressed drawing, dense crust and the dried-up fruit stem. If cold weather and inclement weather forces you to remove fruits before ripening term, let them in processing first of all while ripe pumpkin can without anything for itself damage be stored till the winter and even longer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team