How to grow up raspberry from seeds

How to grow up raspberry from seeds

Raspberry contains large amount of useful substances and with it very much involves amateur gardeners. Also it differs in saturated taste and the attractive look. Many buy saplings of raspberry and plant them on the sites. But in addition raspberry can be grown up also from seeds.

Cultivation of raspberry from seeds takes a little more time, than landing with its saplings. In such a way it is possible to make reproduction of raspberry on your site. Seeds take only from completely ripened and even a few overripe berries. From them wring out juice through gauze, and the remained damp seeds display on piece of cardboard or piece of fabric. Then they need to be dried at the room temperature without direct exposure to sunshine. The room has to be moderate humidity. All this process is carried out in the fall.

Further not up to the end dried seeds sow in boxes or cold hotbeds to the open ground. Before it they are mixed with sand. Hotbeds cover with any material, and boxes place in the dug-out trenches in shady places of garden. At first regular watering the planted seeds of raspberry need and it is impossible to allow dryings of the earth. Almost all seeds of raspberry for good growth have to undergo stratification, that is impact on them of negative temperatures. Seeded in the fall towards the winter, they thereby completely undergo this process. For winter of landing cover as well as normal saplings of raspberry. In the fall you should not sow seeds too early to avoid, their germinations prior to the beginning of cold weather.

In the spring seeds sprout disjointedly. Some of them go to growth at once, and others will grow up only in a couple of years. When on the very first germinated saplings appears on several leaflets, they are replaced in pots or cold hotbeds. If shoots rare, then leave seedlings on the place. Important not to allow direct impact of sunlight on them until they do not take roots and will not go to growth. By next fall the raspberry saplings will already be rather tall and they can be landed on the constant place. The next year on them there will be the first harvest. Here so in one and a half years from seeds of raspberry it is possible to receive the healthy and fructifying plants. Especially it is relevant when at you very rare grade which badly expands grows.

If seeds to make such landing in the spring, then it can cause small difficulties. As impact on them of low temperatures is obligatory for them for germination, seeds turn in dense material, for example kapron even in the fall and place in wooden box with wet sand. This box on small depth is dug in to the earth for some time. It is better to choose such place on which it will be abundant to lie snow in the winter. And then in the spring seeds land in cold hotbeds for further germination.

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