How to grow up rhubarb

Rhubarb – plant with large rhizome and big leaves. This culture contains huge amount of vitamins, pectinaceous substances, organic acids and mineral salts. At cultivation of rhubarb it is necessary to observe some simple recommendations.

It is required to you

  • - seeds;
  • - organic and mineral fertilizers;
  • - regular care for plant.


1. Buy seeds of this culture in the nearest specialized shop. Upon purchase pay attention to the effective life specified on packing.

2. Wet rhubarb seeds that they have a little bulked up. Then lay them in in advance prepared damp gauze bandage put several times. Do not forget to moisten them with water from time to time, without allowing full drying. As soon as seeds sprout, dry them a little.

3. Plant seeds on the open ground in April-May, on depth – 2-3 cm. At the same time distance between them leave 20-25 cm. You make disembarkation in the ordinary way. After that humidify the soil.

4. After emergence of the first 2-3 leaflets thin out seedlings, having removed weak and weak shoots. Till fall regularly water plant, you loosen and weed the earth. Also 1-2 times for the summer period take care of fertilizing by organic and mineral fertilizers.

5. In the fall you receive plant 20-30 cm high with 3-5 large sheets. From 1 meter you grow up 15-25 seedling materials which can be landed in the spring.

6. Land pieces of rhizomes or roots of seedling in in advance prepared holes. At the same time distance between plants leave about 80-100 cm. Powder top kidney on 1-2 cm. Densely press roots the earth. After landing well humidify the soil.

7. For the second year after planting of rhubarb, uterine stalks are formed. Surely delete them that the plant was not exhausted.

8. Each 3-4 years you introduce organic fertilizers in rhubarb row-spacings: on 1 sq.m. on 1-2 buckets.

9. Reap crop, since 2 years after landing. The ideal period of the beginning of collecting – May-June. Choose scapes as not less than 25 cm long and 1.5-2 cm thick. During the season repeat collecting several times. Productivity of one bush of plant in the first years – 2-3 kg.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team