How to grow up rod rose

How to grow up rod rose

The hollyhock is grown up long ago and loved everywhere for bright large flowers. The rod rose or hollyhock pink enjoys special popularity. It is long-term culture, but cultivate it as biennial plant. On the first year the rod rose forms the socket of leaves, and blossoms on the second. For the third year the majority of grades the rod rose perishes or loses the decorative effect.


1. Seeds at rod rose rather large - one gram contains about ten seeds. They keep viability three-four years. Seeds of two-year term have the best viability.

2. Choosing the place for landing of hollyhock it is necessary to remember that she prefers open solar places. The soil is necessary air-permeable, feeder. The rod rose loves nitrogen fertilizers. The hollyhock is drought-resistant, but on too dry, dense, crude or poor soils can die.

3. Seeds sow in beds of the open ground. Shoots begin to appear in week, two. Then seedlings are thinned out, it is possible to replace accurately them with earth lump.

4. Distance between plants it is necessary to leave thirty-forty centimeters. The hollyhock can be grown up also in the seedling way. Seeds on seedling land in January-March. At emergence of the first leaves of plant dive in glasses.

5. In May the plants land to the open ground. At such way of landing the hollyhock will blossom in the same year in August and will blossom till October. It is also possible to seed seeds rod rose towards the winter. Then shoots will appear in April. Anyway your works will pay off a hundredfold – the rod rose long and very beautifully blossoms.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team